Guatemala - Day Five

It seems that some viruses are floating around the "Land of Eternal Spring".  We have two interns sick and Jackson has also been struck my a stomach bug!  We are praying that this doesn't last long and that others don't get it!  

Yesterday there were many projects going on around the center and they will continue today.  As a result Jackson went with my dad and an interpreter into town to get supplies at the hardware store.  When I asked Jackson what he thought of town he said it was scary because there were men standing around with big guns everywhere!  That is not uncommon to see here.  They have guards at the bank, at stores, and even in the back of trucks. We have guards in the US as well, but ours don't usually carry such large weapons and aren't in the backs of pick-ups filled with soda!

It seems the men in our group are a sought after novelty for the children!  The kids love to be thrown in the air and do a lot of rough housing.  They follow tr guys around and are intrigued by the tools they have.  Yesterday my dad had his tape measure pulled all the way out down the hall.  Hanging on to the tape measure were about 20 or so children!  They were marching the halls behind my dad chanting "Uno, Dos, Tres, Hola!" ( the only Spanish my dad knows). They did many rounds in their little parade formation and were giggling and squealing the entire time!

One thing that struck me as funny about how things run around here was when the clean and dry laundry was delivered to the room -it was brought in a wheel barrel!  The kids wear 3 layers of clothes all day and night so they go through a ton of clothes!  The laundry is never ending!!

It seems that today many people were able to get many of the little ones who are slow to smile to laugh and smile with them!  Most of the crazy stories shared surround diapering issues, but they are too dirty to blog about! ;). One thing our entire team agrees on is that this is grueling work and we can not imagine how the nannies do it 6 days a week for 12 hours a day!  We are exhausted!!


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