Day Two - Guatemala Mission Trip


Tonight I, Amy, am typing while my 10 year old son, Jackson, relays the events of the day in Guatemala!


“Today was our day of adventure out of the center.  We left first thing in the morning after breakfast to Antigua where we split up into two groups.  One of the groups had a tour at the coffee plantation and the group I was in went zip-lining.


This was my first time zip-lining.  My mom was definitely more nervous about me zip-lining then I was!  We rode in a truck up the mountain.  It looked like an oversized jeep.  It was a very bumpy ride and we were really close to the edge at times, but the view was amazing!


Once we were at the top, we put on our gear and headed to our first zip-line.  I was the first one to go down.  As we gained speed, I saw birds on the line.  They all began to fly toward us and I was hit by one!  


We all made it back down the mountain safely and met up with the rest of our group.  They told us a little bit about their tour and then we were off for lunch in a fancy restaurant.  We ate authentic Guatemalan food and I liked it.  I really like the hot sauce.  I had so much food I couldn’t even sit up straight and had to lay on my mom’s lap!


With full bellies we took a brief walking tour around Antigua and finally ended up in the market.  I saw a lot of people selling things on the street like foam animals on sticks.  There were women in very colorful clothes carrying food and things on their heads.  Money was burning holes in our pockets as we walked through the market.  We all found lots of great treasures and had fun bartering.  Thankfully, we didn’t lose any of our group in the rows of vendors or busy streets!


Before heading back to the center we went to the cross up on the hill.  The view was amazing!  I loved seeing the volcanoes!  


It felt like a really long drive back to the center.  We made it in time to have a pizza dinner.  We were all so tired!  What a long day!  I am now going to go play chess on my new Mayan chess set!”


-Jackson Vander Zwart


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