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Antigua, Guatemala in Pictures (Day Two)

Day two in Guatemala was a day to explore Antigua.  We enjoyed zip lining, an authentic meal, sight seeing, and shopping!  You can read Jackson's blog about our day HERE .  On the bus bright and early getting ready to go to Antigua! We went to Filadelfia Coffee Plantation - They have tours, a restaurant, zip lining, horse back riding, and a gift shop! Our ride up the mountain to the zip line The coffee plantation.  I had no idea they needed shade so trees are grown in the field to help protect the coffee plants  The roads up the mountain were a little rough and scary! Jackson getting suited up Our group!  I was so nervous for Jackson to go!! You can't even see the end!  You go over a canyon!  Jackson was the first one to go down!  A bird ran into him!  There he goes!! My mom on her way!  My dad coming in for a landing The view Coffee beans - they are ready to pick when they are