Happy Birthday to my Mom!

Some people celebrate birthdays for an entire month and others let them pass without much fanfare.  This weekend we celebrated my Mom's birthday, which is actually today, for almost the entire weekend!  It was so much fun!!  She hit a big birthday milestone today and  I'm so blessed to have her in my life as are my children and if she passed on some of those anti-aging genes she has going on to me I am even more blessed! 

Happy Birthday Mom!!

Tyce caught a fish!
Ryan fishing

Jackson and Bumpa lighting lanterns

Lola and Ashley in the kayak

I like how Tyce and Audrey are working together while the dads talk


Nana and Allie

Knew this was bound to happen!


Ry and the dog he doesn't like :)

My parents: "Nana and Bumpa"

How cute are they!

Ryan and Oma
Crazy dog!

Mom and Oma

The birthday party!!

Nana and her grandchildren

Goofballs.. to be fair I did that to them and they are good sports about it

My sister asked people to write notes to my mom about a memory or something they wanted to say to her.  She laughed and cried!  It was a great gift to give!!

So sweet!  My brother in law and his youngest daughter

He caught a huge fish!


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