First Exercise Class...oh the Horror!

I like to think of myself as a pretty healthy person, but it has been a long, long, long, long, long, time since I have worked out.  Sure, I have walked the dog, chased a runaway ball or child, and walked with my neighbor, but that is nothing like I used to do. (I counted that as my workouts - that counts right??)

Now that the kids are in school full time I have some flexibility in my schedule to do things for me!  It is a very odd feeling and I don't think it will last that long because it never does! :)  Anyways, one of the things I decided I needed to do for myself was work out.  I thought the hardest part would be to take the step to actually go.  Yes, that was difficult, but that wasn't actually the hardest part for me.

Let me explain...

I got to the venue just fine and slipped into the room where they hold classes.  The room has two walls with mirrors, one with windows so anyone could watch in, and one wall that is lined with weights and workout equipment.  It was already jam packed full of women waiting for the class to start.  I was thankful it was air conditioned and I remember thinking that I better enjoy the goose bumps on my arms now because they wouldn't last long!

I found a small spot in the sea of ponytails and cute workout outfits away from the front and mirrors.  Let me note here that I do not have cute workout outfits.  I do not match with cute shoes and a fun tank that goes with my shorts.  Nope, I have a ribbed tank that shows the path of sweat that has run down my back.  It does not repel sweat and have a "dry weave".  Nope, it is a good old fashioned cotton tank that is unforgiving in every sense of the word.  (I'm sure if I had a cute little outfit things would have gone better for me!) 

Once everyone had a little space we were greeted by the instructor, the music was turned up, and off we went!  As we started out I kept thinking that it wasn't so bad!  I was keeping up pretty well.  Sure my arms may have been off a few times, but I was holding my own!  I mentally patted myself on the back.  That was before the actual class began.

Once the beat sped up, sweat began pouring down .. well.. everywhere.. and I could now hear myself breath.  This was good.  I like a good sweat and it meant I was actually working hard!  What I didn't like was when I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror 3/4 of the way through the class!

I seriously looked like I was a woman possessed!  My hair was matted at my temples with sweat and sticking up all frizzy toward the back.  That wasn't the worst of it unfortunately.  As I saw myself in the mirror I also suddenly noticed that there was quite a wide girth of space around me.  The other ladies were giving me my space and as I saw myself I knew why!  Oh the horror!  This is where the woman possessed part will make more sense.  You see, I try to be coordinated and can be, but it doesn't always come naturally to me.  Sometimes parts of me travel faster then other parts and I tend to look a little clutsy.  I like to joke that I often trip on my awesomeness.  This was not awesomeness.  This was scary!

My arm motions did not even come close to resembling the instructors.  Her hip motions and foot pattern were light years away from what I was doing!  A picture of Rachel and Phoebe from Friends running through the park flashed in my head as well as Elaine dancing in Seinfeld because that was me in that work out room.  I looked worse then ridiculous.  So much so that I almost laughed out loud at myself.  (if I could have caught my breath I would have!)  The other ladies had given me some space probably because they were scared I would take them out during a cha-cha or hip shake! (which, to be fair could have happened)

This was only my first class so I'm sure I'll get the moves down eventually and I'm sure my fellow exercisers will become less terrified of my "awesome" moves.  Maybe this is a good thing.  I will be guaranteed enough space from now on and will probably have my pick of a spot in the room!  The difficult part now is knowing how I look and choosing to go back and do it all over again!


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