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Exercise on Vacation...

Last week Ryan and I were on a business trip. (more about that later)  Since I had started working out, I decided I better continue with it or I would not be happy with myself.  Fortunately for me I had two weeks of working out under my belt and was in a nice groove, was now able to walk after being so sore from working muscles I never knew I had, and our hotel had a fitness studio which offered actual classes!

The first day Ryan and I went to the fitness room that had all of the machines and weights.  I busied myself on the treadmill and then the elliptical and later with weights.  There were maybe two other people in the room.  I don't know much about workout etiquette, but I do know that I felt odd when a guy came and went on the elliptical right next to me when there was an entire wall of available machines!  (Ry said that  workout etiquette says you leave a machine between you.)  Anyways, we left feeling pretty accomplished.

The second day I joined a Zumba class.  I was prett…

My Occupation (on paper)

The beginning of the school year always feels chaotic.  Going from carefree days of no set wake up times, no set lunch times, and not knowing what day it is to each day being scheduled out to the minute is tough.  By the second week of school the kids are exhausted and a bit grumpy still trying to adjust to the schedule.  By the second week of school Mom is right there with them.

I have three children in school now which means three separate schedules to keep track of, three back packs to pack and unpack, and three sets of forms to fill each school year.

If you have not filled in these forms, let me enlighten you.  There are maybe about six forms to fill in for each child and three of these forms ask all the same questions.  You have to fill in each of these forms by hand for each child.  Each year this annoys me like you wouldn't believe! 

If you know me, you may realize I have a bit of a "stinker" streak in me.  Some may call it naughty, some call it childish, and some…

My Guatemala Dream...

I'm sure many people who read this blog know that we have a daughter who was born in Guatemala.  We have also had foster children from Guatemala.  It is a gorgeous country with a fantastic climate and beautiful people.  Guatemala is a country that will always have a special place in our lives.

One of the reasons we chose Guatemala as a country to adopt from is the proximity of it to the United States.  My plan has always been to take the kids to Guatemala and stay with a host family and go to school to learn Spanish.  I have spoken with a few people and already have an idea of what school we will attend.  Of course, if you know me, you know that I am a dreamer.  My dream is to stay for an entire summer with the entire family.  That may not happen in the immediate future, but a variation will!

Actually, in October of this year, Jackson and I will be going on a mission trip to Guatemala!  We will be traveling to San Juan and staying in a malnutrition center.  I can not wait!!  We wi…

First Exercise Class...oh the Horror!

I like to think of myself as a pretty healthy person, but it has been a long, long, long, long, long, time since I have worked out.  Sure, I have walked the dog, chased a runaway ball or child, and walked with my neighbor, but that is nothing like I used to do. (I counted that as my workouts - that counts right??)

Now that the kids are in school full time I have some flexibility in my schedule to do things for me!  It is a very odd feeling and I don't think it will last that long because it never does! :)  Anyways, one of the things I decided I needed to do for myself was work out.  I thought the hardest part would be to take the step to actually go.  Yes, that was difficult, but that wasn't actually the hardest part for me.

Let me explain...

I got to the venue just fine and slipped into the room where they hold classes.  The room has two walls with mirrors, one with windows so anyone could watch in, and one wall that is lined with weights and workout equipment.  It was alrea…

Truck Driver - you made my day!!

Yesterday I left the house early with a list of a zillion things to do and accomplish.  I focused my tasks on the other side of town about 30 minutes away because there were a few things that I could only do there.  About 10 minutes into my drive out I realized I had forgotten my phone.  Oh the horror!! 

I envisioned my house being in shambles when I arrived home - why exactly?  I don't know since no one was home and how would having my phone help? 

Anyways, as I headed home after 5 hours of being totally off the grid I got stuck in traffic.  There was construction ahead and we were down to a crawl.  I started to panic thinking that I may be late for the bus arrival.  I reached for my phone to call a neighbor and realized once again I didn't have it!  My heart started to beat faster and I began to get more angry at the stupid slow cars putzing in front of me.   Where was this construction that was bringing the world to a stop?   Finally, a sign appeared that said the left lan…

The Tooth Fairy is a FLAKE and I don't think we will ever be friends!

Santa and I - we're tight.

The Easter Bunny and I - we get along just fine.

The Tooth Fairy and I - not happening.

Yes, I have a big problem with the Tooth Fairy.  She just really rubs me the wrong way and I will tell you why.

First, she is selfish!Apparently she is a zillion years old, but she never ages – doesn’t even look like a half a zillion years old – and she doesn't share any of her secrets!  How selfish is that?  How easy would it be for her to swoop just over one room and sprinkle some magic dust to make me younger and beautiful?I have a sneaking suspicion that she sits around and reads, watches TV, or hangs out with friends when she should be at work some nights!  Always putting herself first!If she were a really awesome fairy she would share the wealth and use the magic to straighten the permanent teeth when she takes the baby teeth!  Think about it- all baby teeth are so straight and perfect.  When the permanent teeth come in they can be all over the place!   Who…

Happy Birthday to my Mom!

Some people celebrate birthdays for an entire month and others let them pass without much fanfare.  This weekend we celebrated my Mom's birthday, which is actually today, for almost the entire weekend!  It was so much fun!!  She hit a big birthday milestone today and  I'm so blessed to have her in my life as are my children and if she passed on some of those anti-aging genes she has going on to me I am even more blessed! 

Happy Birthday Mom!!