Last Week the house was full....

Today my house felt EMPTY!  We went from having Little Miss living with us to two soccer coaches staying with us.  They have now all moved on and the house feels a bit empty to me even with my kids and the neighbor kids running in and out!

Little Miss and her escort going to board the plane
So yes, Little Miss is now officially reunited with her family.  I was sent pictures of her at the airport with her mom and dad and of a picture that they took of her later in the day.  She looked so happy and excited!  I miss her, but things look like they ended up how they should.

Two days after Little Miss left we filled the house with two soccer coaches.  They ran a camp through AYSO that all three of the kids attended last week.  One coach was from Scotland and one was from Brazil.  Last year we also hosted coaches.  The two who stayed with us last year were from England.

If you ever have a chance to do something like this I recommend that you do!  I hope that I can go visit all kinds of places in the world, but in case it doesn't happen it really is great to get the inside scoop on them!  Also, these boys (I should say men because one was 28 and the other was 24) are very very good house guests!  They stay with families for the entire time they run the camps moving from city to city and house to house.  They have their own cars and stuff they need to do so they are the easiest guests to have! 

We had so much fun hanging out with them and just listening to them talk!  For awhile we were believing that Sean Connery was living with us!  I have to say that their energy and enthusiasm helped us all ease out of our loss of Little Miss and get ready for what lies ahead!  My only regret is that I forgot to have Jonny from Scotland put on his quilt for us!!
Jackson at camp
Lola waiting for instructions from Coach

Coach Reinaldo (he stayed with us) and his team

The coaches handing out awards
Jackson and his team


Water fight!  Surrendering to Tyce
The coaches signed the kids' shirts

A day on the lake!  Jonny and Jackson going tubbing!

Reinaldo as the spotter

Jonny and Reinaldo

Lucky for us, both the coaches were trained bartenders!
Jonny helping out with the sliding at the pool party

Having fun at the pool!

Doing push-ups with the kids on his back!

Last day of soccer camp

A night out in GR with the coaches

Jonny had some great dance moves!


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