First Day with Little Miss

You never know what to expect when a new little one comes into your home.  Will they be sad and cry a lot?  Will they be angry about their situation and act out?  Or will they just want to sit down and withdrawal from everything and everyone?

I try to remain in a neutral attitude and just continue with every day life as normal as possible when a new one comes along.  However, when I do know what they need then we change things around a bit.

That's what we did today with "Little Miss".  She came with no clothes so we of course went shopping first thing!  My last little one couldn't stand to be in the cart or confined in anyway so I braced myself for what was to come.  Little Miss, however, found the trip to the store to be great fun!

We could tell right away that she had never been in a cart before.  She had no idea what I was trying to do when I lifted her to have her sit in the front of the cart.  It took a bit to get her two feet in the holes in the front and when I did her face was beaming!  There was a lot of laughter and giggles throughout the trip around the store.  The kids helped entertain her, but she really didn't need to be entertained.  She loved looking at all of the shoes and clothes and had an opinion about what we picked out for her.

Later we met my grandma for lunch and again I braced myself, but Little Miss did fantastically!  She colored the paper and played with the crayons quietly.  I did see some of her personality shine through more when she dove into her fries and I told her to eat her chicken.  She ate some pieces while I watched and when I turned my head she piled all of her fries on top of her chicken to cover it up!  I couldn't help but laugh at that one!  Each time I asked her to eat her chicken she complied, however!   On the way home in the car, she chattered in Spanish to the kids and into a play phone and at home she played with all of the neighbor kids outside, and played with toys inside while I made dinner!  I couldn't have anticipated a better first day!

After dinner was completed I received a phone call.  These days you never know what a call will bring!  The call was from a Bethany worker saying that they had located Little Miss's father!  He will have to prove who he is and submit a bunch of paperwork and go through some hoops to be reunited with her, but in the mean time he was anxious to hear his daughter's voice and know she was ok. (and no I have not gotten any information about how they were separated) I immediately called the number the worker gave me and introduced myself.  I let them know Little Miss was doing well and had a happy, fun day.  I then put the phone to her ear.  She said hola and listened.  Immediately her voice cracked as she started speaking to her dad.  She started crying, her dad started crying, and when I looked up Lola was crying, and Tyce and Jackson had come over to try to comfort Little Miss.

After such a fun and exciting day of no tears and only fun, hearing her dad's voice reminded her of what she was missing and the rest of the night wasn't as fun.  Thankfully, it didn't take her too long to fall asleep.  Cross your fingers that she sleeps again through the night and that she is reunited soon!


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