Day Two - teaching us Spanish

Lola and Little Miss - just warms my heart!
My favorite parts of today were just sitting back and watching the children play with Little Miss. She has taken to them like flies on honey and they are enamored by her!

She chatters away in Spanish not caring that they have no idea what she is talking about!  She has taught them a few new words that she conveyed repeatedly and clearly, however.  The kids have used two of these words to make up a game with her on the play structure outside.  Arriba and abajo (up and down) - I'm not sure of the rules of the game, but Little Miss squeals with delight while they play! Her laugh, by the way, is so infectious and full of pure joy that you can not help but laugh along with her or at the very least smile a toothy grin!

Another word Little Miss has taught the kids is mio - mine.  She is beyond excited to have new clothes and shoes and lets each member of our family know which clothes are hers!  She is sharing Lola's room and has her own place for clothes which seems to be of utmost importance to her.  Earlier today she even took her shoes by the door to her room to put with her clothes telling everyone who would listen that they where hers!  My guess is that like many children in her position, she hasn't had many things that were only hers and so we may see some very possessive behaviors as well as hording behaviors.  Of course she is also only three so "mine" goes right along with the age!

She is also showing us more of her spunky personality!  Today she turned around a few times to face Jackson.  With an impish grin she clasped her hands to her hips and stuck out her tongue at him!  I couldn't help but laugh at that one and I wasn't fast enough in catching myself!  It is just fun seeing a child act like a child after all that we think she may have gone through on her journey here!  I did, however, have to nip some of that spunk!  She pinched Lola and had to sit in time out.  I explained to her (in the best Spanish that I could) that she had to say sorry if she wanted to play.  She refused, so she sat.  We even role played with another child being naughty and in time out and saying sorry just in case she didn't understand and she still refused!  When she realized I was going to make her sit while the others had fun she finally apologized.

This little honeymoon phase won't last too long as her comfort level increases, but that is a good thing!  That means we are doing our job!

**just a side note - you won't see any real pictures of her face on this blog.  I post pictures of random kids from online to reflect what I am writing about from time to time and perhaps of her from behind, but I won't post pictures of her that she could be recognized by.  So the little girl sticking out her tongue is not Little Miss. :)**


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