A Little Piece of My Heart

So glad these three have my heart!
Last night I did my rounds on the children before I went to bed.  You know the drill.  You re-cover them, take the truck out from under a face, and check that they are breathing.  As I covered Little Miss back up, she stirred and made a whimpering noise.  Uh oh!  She turned and looked at me and I thought for sure my night was taking a non-sleeping turn!  As her eyes focused on me she smiled the biggest smile showing her dimples, mumbled something in Spanish, turned over and went back to sleep.

That is why we do this.  To keep the children safe, protected, and happy.  Of course I get something out of it too.  My heart swelled to know that she felt safe and happy in the middle of the night in a strange house with new people.  And even though I am attached to her and my heart will break a little when she leaves tomorrow, I think that her well being is worth way more then some of my heart going with her.  I find I always have enough of my heart left to give more!

And yes, she is set to leave tomorrow.  We do not have a flight confirmation yet so it could change, but soon she will be reunited with her family!


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