20th Reunion! (am I really that old??)

While I was in high school I hated it.  I was not a fan of the cliques, the peer pressure, and all of the unknowns about where you stood in the world.  Don't get me wrong, I did have some fun times with my friends and had some friendships I will treasure forever, but as far as people saying that high school is the best time in your life, I would have to disagree. I was relieved to leave high school and leave it all behind.

Back in the day... (8th grade - I'm in the middle)
High school is rough!  There is so much change happening each and every day to you and those around you that it is hard to keep up and keep it all straight!   One false move and your life could be destroyed.  (at least it appeared that way to me back then)  I know that if I were in high school at this point in my life, having the attitude I have now and knowing what I know now, I would have behaved so much differently.  I'm certain I would have been in much more trouble for starters! (so it is probably a good thing I was nervous and naïve)

Umm.... nice hair and nice face!  LOL! (10th grade)
This weekend I attended my 20th high school reunion.  I can not believe that it has been 20 years since I sang my school song and agonized over which way to walk down the hall during 15 minute break.  The night before the reunion I got together with a few of my old friends and we looked at pictures.  My first thought was "Wow!  Look at my hair."  My second thought was that high school maybe wasn't all that bad after all!  The pictures showed a lot of fun times and brought back great memories!  Because really, I turned out very happy and the events that occurred around me or to me in high school just made me that much stronger and prepared me for what things may come ahead!  If "Meatball" hadn't have teased me and made up nick names about my body for two years straight, I may have thinner skin now and not able to deal with the harsher things of life. If rumors hadn't have been spread maybe I would be too serious about what people thought of me now.  So maybe if I try to find all of the good out of the agony I thought I faced, it wasn't half bad.

Stacey and I getting ready to head into the reunion
However, when I walked into the reunion all of that anxiety came back.  I wasn't in the "in" crowd and I don't hang out with the people I used to 20 years ago.  My perception of everyone I was in school with remained the same even if their faces had aged and their attitudes had changed.  It's a good thing my attitude has changed because I took a second to think of how I had changed and then just dove right in!

You know what I found out?  Although some of my classmates presented themselves similar to how they had in high school, the majority had changed for the better.  (not that they were all bad in high school- it is just that we had all grown-up and matured)   I shouldn't have been surprised, but I was when I found myself having very enjoyable conversations with people who 20 years ago weren't all that kind or considerate toward me.  All of my trepidations toward them went quickly out of my mind as I established a new perception.  I loved that!  It was like making new friends with people I had history with.  And I think and hope I did make some new friends.  It was a very fun night and I'm glad I didn't let my old anxieties and hang ups hold me back!  I'm glad I have grown up! (well maybe that isn't the right way to put it because I don't always act like that much of a grown-up!!!)

So much fun with old friends!

Made a stop at the old stomping grounds!


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