Heavy Metal Concerts for 3 Year olds?

The other night Ryan and I went to a Tesla/ Mötley Crüe concert.  The music was loud, the lights were bright, the crowd was crazy, and the atmosphere was pure adrenaline! 

We jumped around, sang, and had a great time!  My favorite part about any concert is meeting new people.  This most often happens while standing in line for the bathroom, but it can also happen in our seats, or in passing to get food or a drink.  I always come home feeling a bit more worldly having met these interesting people! (sometimes a little dirty too, but really, when you go to a concert featuring heavy metal, you are going to run into a few crazies!)

There is nothing like a concert to get you moving and make you feel like you are younger then what you are.  Which in turn makes me think how young is too young to go to a concert?
Full Moon!!
Little Tyke on a parent's shoulders with headphones on
Soo many people!!
At Mötley Crüe we saw many children.  They ranged in age from about 3 to in their tweens.  Some of them had head phones on and some were lifted on shoulders so they could see the stage.  I understand parents wanting to share their passions with their kids, but really?  The performers of these concerts do not edit their songs or their words.  There are half naked women on stage gyrating and in the audience in can be worse!  People are drunk and you can smell a particular scent floating through the air once in awhile.  At one point Vince Neil commented on the kids in the audience saying he was so beeping excited to see so many mother beepers bringing their beeping children to the beeping concert! 

The teacher and mother in me is in shock that parents would bring their 3 year olds to a venue like this!  My personal opinion is that it is irresponsible.  There is a time to be a parent and a time to play like you aren't a parent.  When you have your three year old with you, it is not the best time to play like you aren't a parent.  Even if you aren't one of the crazies drinking at the concert, why would you expose your child to it?  It is late, it is loud, and it is not for a three year old!  It just makes me sad!

What do you think?  Is it ok to bring young children to adult concerts?  Does it make a difference if it is Poison or Justin Bieber?


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