A Job Change

This morning the case worker came and took the last of J's things from our home. 

Best buddies!  His first word was "Tucker"
The only thing he had left here was a photo album that I made for him.  (I also made one for his biological mom)  With him moving around so much and being in foster care for basically the first two years of his life and having such a young biological mom, he didn't have a baby book like most of us have for our children.  I wanted him to be able to look at pictures of himself with us and others and know some of his history.  I wanted him to have something he could bring to school when he is the "special person" of the week.  I wanted him to have a record of when he first crawled, walked, and his first words. (I wanted his bio mom to have that too)

Messy baby!!
I was fortunate enough that his biological mom and I have a nice relationship.  She sent me all of the pictures that she had of him and contacted others to get more pictures.  The book is filled with a commentary of what he was like from birth to two years old.  It shows all of the people who have loved him along the way to get him where he should be.  My favorite picture in the entire book is not the one where I caught him tearing toilet paper all over the house, or the one where he is giving Tucker a big hug, or even the one where he is making faces with me!  My favorite picture is the very last picture in the book.  It is a picture of J, his biological mom, me, and his new forever mom.  Under the picture I wrote him a little note telling him about how lucky he is to have so many moms that will love him forever and worked together as a team to get make sure he was healthy, happy, and safe.  Of course I cried my entire way through making the book, but it was mostly a good cry!

So how did we get to this point?  Back in February we began transitioning J into a new forever home.  When I say forever home I am talking about a home where the family is adopting him!  We began slow and visited with our families and built up his relationship with them for about two months before he was moved permanently with his new family!

Notice where all of the ornaments are?
He officially moved out on April 12.  Why has it taken me so long to write about it?  I guess I just wasn't ready.  J was pretty much my life and full time focus for six months.  Everything I did outside of the other three children was about him.  My world and my family's world pretty much revolved around him.  This was not a bad thing.  He needed us and we were able to give him what he needed and I feel very blessed that we were able to do that!

Knowing what I know now about the entire foster care process and that he would turn our lives upside down; would I do it all over again?


Now, I just have to open myself up to what is coming next!!! :)


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