One of the Changes with a New Child in the House...

Having a toddler has changed a lot of things in our household.  One thing that Ryan noticed quickly was that my attire has now changed. (yes, he does pay attention to these types of details ;))

I can no longer wear necklaces.  After two of them were ripped off of my neck and broken, I gave up trying to keep curious hands and mouths away and now just do without.  I had forgotten about the years I went without any jewelry because I may scratch a child with a ring, get a dangly earring torn out of my ear, or have beads from a necklace end up down a throat!  Right now it just isn't worth accessorizing while I am around Mr. Curiosity aka JJ.

I have always been a big wearer of jeans.  I love jeans and had just gotten two new pairs when the baby arrived.  The other pairs, that I had, either had holes in the knees, stains from yard work or painting, or were getting to the point of wearing out.  Within a week of wearing my new pair of jeans I noticed the knee areas were looking not as new as the rest of the jeans.  As a result, I have gone back to wearing my jeans that were on the verge of holes.  It has only been a week and already I have ripped through the fabric!  I don't know how you can get away with having a toddler and not crawling around on the floor all of the time to play, clean, and chase!

My shirts have stayed the same, but they are spotted with food and who knows what else if I haven't needed to leave the house.  If I do need to go out, you can bet I have changed my shirt just before walking out of the door!

I think I also smell differently.  Besides wearing the baby's food, I am constantly using baby shampoo, baby lotion, and diaper cream.  I'm sure that people can smell that on me.  I know I can smell it on myself!

I tend to try to do too many things at once and throw myself into things completely so that may be why I may end up with yogurt on my ear and not notice and rip holes in my jeans!  I have a hard time keeping myself presentable when it is just me so I can't blame it all on the baby!!  It's all good though!  The little guys is happy so I am happy even if I look like a slob! :)


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