Next I'll Lose My Marbles... or maybe I already have

Having children can be hectic.

This week I have lost a winter coat and a pair of shoes.

Wait.  I personally did not lose these things.  They aren’t even my possessions.  My children have lost these things.  I don’t understand how something like a pair of shoes that I just saw on your feet the day before could now suddenly be gone!  Poof!  The coat I can understand.  It was taken off and left behind.

Given the fact that I can’t keep track of larger items I had a bit of a moment this morning at the orthodontist.  Jackson was just fitted for a device to widen his upper jaw.  I have to take a teeny tiny little pin and put it in his mouth twice a day to turn the device.  The hygienist handed it over to me and I actually laughed.  “I have to keep track of this little thing when I have already lost track of a winter coat and a pair of shoes this week!” (and it is only Tuesday!)  Thankfully, I was told if I lost it to just call and they could give me another one.  I wish now I had asked for an extra right away!  Knowing how hectic life has been lately it is almost a guarantee I will misplace this tiny key, a child will find a way to use it and play with it, or the dog will eat it!  I already know I can’t use duct tape to fix it like I did the old pair of shoes that I had to send Tyce in when we couldn’t find his shoes!

Having kids is hectic and sometimes I like to use George Castanza’s father’s line, “Serenity Now!”  I figure I’ll get there when they have all moved out. ;)


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