Why didn't any of you Mom's tell me!?!!

I have been duped!  All of this time I had been believing one thing and today it finally dawned on me that my belief was all wrong!

Being that I stay at home with the kids,  I like to venture out to the stores mostly in the mornings.  I like to get all of my chores done and over with so I have some time to myself to relax just before all the chaos begins in the later afternoon. 

On each of my little shopping excursions I have seen at least three women in their workout clothes.  I always feel a bit guilty when I see them with their hat, yoga, pants and t-shirt appearing to be on their way to workout or completed with their daily workout routine.  Here I am all dressed and ready to go with no work-out under my belt and no plan for it anytime in the future!  Not good.  Not good.  I mentally scold myself, envy their discipline, and think about working out for a few seconds before I am distracted by something else!

Today I have been set free!!  I no longer have to feel the guilt or feel like I am the only woman out there not working out!  No, it isn't because I went and worked out because that would have done it.  No, I have discovered their secret!  They aren't really working out or planning on it at all!  They just woke up late, threw on workout clothes and a hat to appear to be working out and rushed to the store.  Or it could be they are lazy.... 

I know this because I did it this morning!  I got up late and threw on work-out clothes and a hat in an attempt to disguise my non-showered appearance.  I ran into four other mothers lugging their kids along the cart in my same outfit!  We all shared the "no make-up, hat on head, workout clothes, the kids got me up all night long" look!  I don't know why I never noticed it before!  Why didn't any of my friends tell me about this!  You mean to tell me I could have skipped my shower at 6:45 every morning, slept in, and still appeared to be a super mom?  What a revelation!!!

Please note, however, if you do see me in the store and I look like I have been working out... I absolutely have!  It was a very long and strenuous work-out too! ;)


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