Taking up Golf....

This past summer I thought I would join "high society" and take up golf.

I bought clubs on craigslist, got hand-me-down outfits from my mom, and signed up for lessons at the club down the street!  I was ready to go!!

I would just like to say that I think golf is one of the most frustrating sports of all time!  I had times where I had more patches of mud on my legs from hitting the ground then balls I had actually hit! (and it was a dry dry summer!)  No wonder one of the most important aspects of the sport (or so I have been told by more then one person) is drinking alcohol!  How would it be fun otherwise!

It wasn't all frustration however, I did have some fun golfing with girl friends and my mom.  I prefer to play where we take the best ball or where I get to take "do-overs"!  Those are proper ways to play right?

I think my biggest problem was the lessons.  I know absolutely NOTHING about golf!  I knew what a tee was, a club, and that all the ladies wore cute outfits.  That was the extent of it.  If you are clueless about something don't take group lessons!  The terminology was way over my head and I didn't want to be the stupid one there.  When things like birdie and eagle were mentioned I looked around, snickered, and wondered why a grown man would say "birdie"!  They also had two different instructors that showed up on different nights.  One pro would tell me to hold the club and swing one way and the next week the other pro would tell me to do it a different way!  If I had any knowledge of golf and had played a little bit, I may have been able to take their suggestions and use them to my advantage, but as it was I would have to start all over again each week.  I had no base-line so what did I know? 

I used the heat as an excuse because my frustrations got the best of me during lessons.  I ended up at the pool with the kids instead.  I've tossed around the idea of taking lessons again, this time privately with one instructor, but we'll see.  For right now I like the golf game we play at my parent's house.  We hit the golf ball into an inter tube in the lake!  I don't need to know which club to use at which distance, or wear a cute outfit, and I don't get mud all over my legs.  If it is hot I can just jump in the lake and if I get tired of trying to hit the little ball I can just do as my kids do and throw it in!
My Mom giving the kids instructions on golf




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