Partners in Crime! A Toddler and a Dog..

As I was cleaning up the kitchen after the kids boarded the bus for the day, I looked around and noticed that both the baby and the dog were unaccounted for.

I found the two of them under the dining room table.  Tucker was tearing up a piece of paper with his paws and teeth and JJ was tearing the paper with his little hands.  JJ was giggling like crazy.  They looked like partners in crime.  I swear Tucker appeared to have a sneaky look on his face!  Throughout the morning the two of them have gotten into everything as a pair.  I finally put the dog in his cage and broke up their crime ring!

That got me to thinking that although toddlers and teenagers are similar so are toddlers and dogs!  No wonder they get along so well!

  • They put everything in their mouths!
  • They will eat food off the floor.
  • They like to rip up and destroy things.
  • The things they aren't supposed to have are the things they go after time and time again.
  • They don't clean up their own messes.
  • Sometimes they need to be put in a secure area. (crate/cage for dog and a crib/pack and play for toddler)
  • You have to clean up their poop.
  • They like to get dirty and don't want to sit still to get cleaned up.
  • They communicate mostly with whines and howls.
  • They are easily distracted and wander off if they see something they like.
  • In crowded areas a leash is useful to keep track of them.  (Yes, I am one of those parents!  If necessary I will not hesitate to strap on a harness with a leash on my toddler!  You try flying alone with a toddler!  Fold a stroller, take off your shoes, sweatshirt, belt, and put the diaper bag and purse and toys on the belt to go through security while keeping track of a little one!!  It is impossible!)
  • I redirect them and say no more times during the day then I say anything else!
  • If they are out of sight and quiet, there is trouble!

The good news about toddlers is that they grow up and will begin to understand they they shouldn't eat a plastic bag full of candy, wrappers, bag and all!  The dog will continue to roll in gross things and eat disgusting non-food items and you will continue to have to clean up their poop!!  Lovely!!


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