P is for Plane

I don't know why it surprises me each and every time.  I should just come to expect it by now.

What I am talking about is how each and every time I go to the bathroom on an airplane something happens that does not help make the peeing process easy.

Those rooms are so tiny and cramped that I can barely turn around in there and I am not an overly large person!  I have had the bottom of my sweater or some piece of clothing go in that small toilet before and that is not pleasant!   I now tie everything above my waist that is hanging down so it is secured.  Why don't I just leave those layers on my seat?  I get cold in there and who knows how long I will have to wait in that line because there is ALWAYS a huge line when I can't hold it any longer! The person in front of me always takes 10 minutes in there at least!  I just get lucky that way!

Then there is how the toilet bowl is shaped.  Maybe it is the fact that I have to go so bad that it always seems that pee sprays back up between my legs.  Yes, gross I know, but don't pretend something like that has never happened to you before!!  I always want to hurry because of the line and I don't want people to wonder what I am doing in there after they see me tie all of my clothing up under my arms!   I suppose I have to either slow it down or hold toilet paper in place to prevent a fountain!

Turbulence is a given as soon as it is my turn to use the toilet on a plane as well.  Every. Single. Time!!  Seriously!!  How can that be?  That really doesn't not help my fountain situation either!

I won't even get into the times that I take my kids in there with me because they have to go and want help or I am traveling with no other adults and I have to take them with me while I go!  It is just a catastrophe waiting to happen and it rarely disappoints!  I also refuse to change a diaper in there!  I have simply layed the baby on my seat and change him or her right there if needed!  There just isn't enough room!

Moral of the story for me;  skip the free beverage, wear less and tighter clothing, and go before I get on the plane at least 5 times even if I don't have to!


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