One Call...

I hate it when an unknown number calls and they don't leave a message.  I am much too curious to be able to handle not knowing who is trying to get in touch with me especially when they call multiple times in a short time frame late at night!

While I was at a Girl Scout Training - yes, I have become a Girl Scout for the first time at the age of 37 - but more about that later...  While I was at training, I had my phone on vibrate so I knew that calls were coming in over and over again from an unfamiliar number.  They didn't leave a message and it was driving me crazy because I couldn't answer the call during the meeting!

When the meeting was finally finished the number popped up again, but this time I was able to answer the call.  It's amazing how things can change that quickly for a person.  You can answer a phone call and things can get all topsy-turvy!  Thankfully, the call was not a distressing one about family or friends.  It was a call to ask if we would take a baby immediately!

Of course I had to call Ry and ask what he thought, but how could we say no?  At 9:00 at night a little innocent child wasn't safe and needed a safe place to stay!  My night took an unexpected turn and by 11pm I was pulling into the drive-way with a 19 month old in the back seat!

Many times foster parents get these types of calls.  Being in the Refugee Foster Care program we have always had time to prepare for an arrival of a child, but most times children are removed from a home without warning so that they can be safe.  It is truly heart wrenching to think of how many times this happens in one given day just in our county! 

So, our little house guest slept better then I did last night!  I have no information about how long he will stay or what brought him here!  We just have to trust that we will get some answers soon and if we don't, at least we know that he is safe and happy and he has brought a new infatuation with baby toys for the rest of the kids into the house!!


  1. Good for you guys. Chris is usually on the other end of the phone calls, trying to find the foster care placement for those children. Thank you for being willing to welcome them with open arms.

  2. Erica,
    I was actually thinking of Chris as I drove out there! I can't imagine being on his end of things! That has to be a tough job!!


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