Now Back to Having a Room without a Baby in it!!

The sweet baby snuggles, the cute little babbles, the shy smiles, the running into your arms just because, the squeals of glee as water splashes by flapping hands, and the smell of baby shampoo are all things I have missed now that the kids are older and out of that stage.  It is enduring and sweet and I love giving this little guy, who I will call JJ (which is not his name), as much as I can give, BUT it is a ton of work!

Oh my, JJ is on the go.  He is way busier then my other three were, or at least from what I remember!  I know that Tyce used to dig out dirt from the plants, but he also would sit on my lap for at least 10 seconds.  This little one will only sit still if he is eating or very tired!  And to think that yesterday I got a call asking us to take another boy only a month younger then JJ!  (Thankfully, I have a fantastic friend that is also a foster parent that I called and told about the situation who is taking him!)  This is very very rare as you rarely see children this young as refugees in a foster care situation!

Today, a case worker came over.  She brought his clothes, crib,  a high chair, and notes about his routine!  I never imagined that I would spend my Friday night putting together baby items, but I am happy to have my room without a baby in it! (he had been staying in the pack n play in our room)  If you had told me a week ago that I would have a baby in the house I would have told you you were crazy!!

Wow!  Am I ready to have a baby in the house again?  My freedom is now a thing of the past!  Sometimes I stop and think about this commitment and begin to almost panic until I think of that sweet sweet boy!  I feel selfish when I yearn for what my life was like only a week ago!


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