How Could I Have Forgotten All Things Toddler???

I had forgotten how time consuming toddlers can be!  This little guy is all over the place!  I take it as a good sign that he is adjusting well that he has opened every drawer and cupboard, climbed in the dog cage, tried to climb the stairs 100 times, played in the dog's water, found all of the curtains to be fun hiding places, checked out all of the books and magazines he can reach, and sat in the toy bin instead of playing with the toys!  All typical toddler behavior...

I wanted to bring in the hoses today and put them away for the winter, but then I realized that a simple small task like that would either require me to bundle him up and bring him with me in a stroller so he would be confined to one spot (which I have already discovered he does NOT like), wait for nap time (which is also a no no at this time), or wait until another adult was around to watch him!  With my kids being older I have taken for granted already all of the actual freedom I had!

It's ok though!  The hoses can wait!  I am happy to hear the silly babble behind me in the car and watch the little guy put toys in and out of the cupboards!  He has an easy smile that takes over his entire face and a laid back attitude as long as he can be on the go!

What can't wait is baby proofing this house!  I had totally forgotten how much those little hands can get into and how even if those legs are little, they are fast!

We still don't know how long he will be here, but given the fact that they are moving his crib and high chair here I expect I should at least plan on getting him a Halloween costume!  Now the next big question is where to put that crib since all three of the kids are arguing over having him in their room!


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