Have some Cheese with that Wine....

One fine day in San Francisco while the husbands had meetings all morning some of the wives went on a little excursion.  To be honest, I wasn't all too excited about going and thought I may have more fun exploring on my own, but in the end I went and LOVED it!

We took a little trip to The Cheese School of San Francisco .  That's right.  It is a school to learn about cheese and how to make it!  Here in Michigan I'm not sure people think we are sophisticated enough to take classes about cheese, although we are refined enough to know and love the most expensive and tasty stuff!

The Cheese School finds its home in a charming space in North Beach in one of the typical "sit on your neighbor" type San Franciscan buildings in the middle of everything.  They have a fantastic set-up inside and you feel like you have been transported into a part of high society rather then a school.

They served us mimosas which I happily accepted with pear juice as a substitute for the typical orange juice. (out of this world good!)  We found a seat in their "classroom" which felt more like a scene out of a Martha Stewart catalog and got to work!

We learned how to make mozzarella and ricotta cheese that morning.  It was not a difficult task to do and I have to say that our mozzarella balls tasted better then any other I have tasted before!  Our instructor, Sacha Laurin, who is the cheese master (I hope that is the right term) at Winter's Cheese Company even said we had the best and biggest balls! 

The school has evening classes that I have seen raving reviews on.  You learn about cheese and pair it with wine.  What can be better then that?  It sounds like a super fun date night or fun thing to do with a bunch of girlfriends!  If my time spent there is any indication, you will have a blast!  Of course I did have a really fun group of girls I was working with!
Stirring the milk

After enzymes have been added

Time to cut the cheese

When the cheese is firm enough it needs to drain

What it looks like after it has drained

We took sections and put them into a pot of hot water

The cheese stayed in the water until it was a certain firmness
The funnest part - manipulating the cheese

Tuck the cheese into balls and put them in ice water and voila!

Now on to ricotta - drain the whey leftover

The finished products!

My cheese team!

Oh Yum!!

 If you want to make mozzarella at home you can find a similar recipe here.  If you would like to check out more of what Sacha does you can find her on Facebook at Many Moons Cheese - You can find me on that page too!  You can also find The Cheese School of San Francisco on Facebook here!


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