Better Than My Plan! My Baby is Now 5!

What a month this has been! 
Our household has celebrated three birthdays! (not to mention the unexpected arrival of a baby which is why this blog post is so late in being posted!!)

On Sunday we celebrated my miracle baby turning 5 years old!  Not only was he a child that doctors predicted wouldn't be conceived without surgical intervention, but he was one that just by showing up on his particular birthday, October 29th, created a blessing for the family.

I was three weeks early with Jackson so I didn't expect to go over my due date with Tyce, but I did.  This little guy had me doing everything to coax his arrival!  I went for walks every day, lugged a baby Lola on my back pulling carts through the sand, ate spicy food, had pedicures, and did everything people told me to help get things moving.  After three weeks of false labor every night from 3am to 7am I was ready to have this baby!

God always has a bigger plan that I seem to miss until after the fact!  I can now look back and know what that plan was, but sometimes I get so stuck in my own path that I miss the bigger picture! 

You see, the plan was for Tyce to be born on a certain day, October 29.  My Mom even predicted this weeks and maybe months before his birth!  He had to be born on this day because this is the day that my Mom's brother, Hendrik, was also born.  Hendrik was my mom's only sibling and older brother.  Sadly, Henk left this world when he was only 13 years old.  What a devastating loss that had to have been for the entire family!  My mom was here with only her parents as their extended family was still living in the Netherlands, which I am sure made it that much more difficult.

I'm confident that my blue eyed, blond haired, Dutch boy, Tyce Hendrik, was meant to be born on my uncle's birthday.  I can't tell you how it warmed my heart to have my Oma and Opa (grandma and grandpa in Dutch) be the first ones at the hospital to visit their new great-grandson.   To watch the pride they had as they snuggled the new baby close.  I know that all my children hold/held special places in their hearts, but I know that this little guy with his quick smile and dynamic personality is especially dear to them.

I'm so glad that God doesn't always follow my plans as His seem to be much much better!

Tyce and Opa!

Happy Birthday to my baby who is no longer a baby but a happy, healthy, and amazing 5 year old!!


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