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Better Than My Plan! My Baby is Now 5!

What a month this has been!  Our household has celebrated three birthdays! (not to mention the unexpected arrival of a baby which is why this blog post is so late in being posted!!) On Sunday we celebrated my miracle baby turning 5 years old!  Not only was he a child that doctors predicted wouldn't be conceived  without surgical intervention, but he was one that just by showing up on his particular birthday, October 29th, created a blessing for the family. I was three weeks early with Jackson so I didn't expect to go over my due date with Tyce, but I did.  This little guy had me doing everything to coax his arrival!  I went for walks every day, lugged a baby Lola on my back pulling carts through the sand, ate spicy food, had pedicures, and did everything people told me to help get things moving.  After three weeks of false labor every night from 3am to 7am I was ready to have this baby! God always has a bigger plan that I seem to miss until after the fact!  I can now loo

Baby Mama

Yesterday I met JJ's mom. When we adopted Lola I honestly was a bit relieved that I wouldn't have to figure how to incorporate her birth mom in our lives.  We do talk about her birth mom and look at pictures often.  Lola likes to hear stories about when we went to Guatemala to bring her home and in time if she would like to find her birth mom we will do everything possible to make that happen.  However, right now it is nice not to have to figure out how we would include her birth mom in our day to day lives. (even though I'm sure we would be fine finding a balance) When the teenage boys were here we didn't have to contend with moms either.  They were only a phone call away, but were not a big part in the lives of the boys. With being a foster parent of a child born here in the states things are much different when it comes to the birth mom.  When we had our training to be licensed to be a foster parent I didn't pay too much attention to the information about v

Partners in Crime! A Toddler and a Dog..

As I was cleaning up the kitchen after the kids boarded the bus for the day, I looked around and noticed that both the baby and the dog were unaccounted for. I found the two of them under the dining room table.  Tucker was tearing up a piece of paper with his paws and teeth and JJ was tearing the paper with his little hands.  JJ was giggling like crazy.  They looked like partners in crime.  I swear Tucker appeared to have a sneaky look on his face!  Throughout the morning the two of them have gotten into everything as a pair.  I finally put the dog in his cage and broke up their crime ring! That got me to thinking that although toddlers and teenagers are similar so are toddlers and dogs!  No wonder they get along so well! They put everything in their mouths! They will eat food off the floor. They like to rip up and destroy things. The things they aren't supposed to have are the things they go after time and time again. They don't clean up their own messes. Sometime

Toddler vs. Teenager

Now that most of our friends and family know we have a toddler in the house, a recurring comment has been about how different it is then having a teenager and probably a lot easier. At first I was like, Hello?  Have you seen me chase this kid all over the house all day long every day?  Do you realize I have no time alone at all?    But then I was like, Wait?  He doesn't talk back or roll his eyes at me!  Or challenge my authority!   Which is easier???  That's a tough one!  I haven't had too much time to think about it so I thought I would take a minute to ponder... VS  Bedtimes can be a struggle for both.  One doesn't obey the rules, but is quiet about it and proceeds to do things that are also against the rules of the house like talk on the phone at 3am.  The other fusses or cries loudly, but is confined and falls asleep without getting into more trouble.  They both can be picky eaters, but I have only seen one throw food on the floor when it isn't w

Now Back to Having a Room without a Baby in it!!

The sweet baby snuggles, the cute little babbles, the shy smiles, the running into your arms just because, the squeals of glee as water splashes by flapping hands, and the smell of baby shampoo are all things I have missed now that the kids are older and out of that stage.  It is enduring and sweet and I love giving this little guy, who I will call JJ (which is not his name), as much as I can give, BUT it is a ton of work! Oh my, JJ is on the go.  He is way busier then my other three were, or at least from what I remember!  I know that Tyce used to dig out dirt from the plants, but he also would sit on my lap for at least 10 seconds.  This little one will only sit still if he is eating or very tired!  And to think that yesterday I got a call asking us to take another boy only a month younger then JJ!  (Thankfully, I have a fantastic friend that is also a foster parent that I called and told about the situation who is taking him!)  This is very very rare as you rarely see children thi

How Could I Have Forgotten All Things Toddler???

I had forgotten how time consuming toddlers can be!  This little guy is all over the place!  I take it as a good sign that he is adjusting well that he has opened every drawer and cupboard, climbed in the dog cage, tried to climb the stairs 100 times, played in the dog's water, found all of the curtains to be fun hiding places, checked out all of the books and magazines he can reach, and sat in the toy bin instead of playing with the toys!  All typical toddler behavior... I wanted to bring in the hoses today and put them away for the winter, but then I realized that a simple small task like that would either require me to bundle him up and bring him with me in a stroller so he would be confined to one spot (which I have already discovered he does NOT like), wait for nap time (which is also a no no at this time), or wait until another adult was around to watch him!  With my kids being older I have taken for granted already all of the actual freedom I had! It's ok though! 

One Call...

I hate it when an unknown number calls and they don't leave a message.  I am much too curious to be able to handle not knowing who is trying to get in touch with me especially when they call multiple times in a short time frame late at night! While I was at a Girl Scout Training - yes, I have become a Girl Scout for the first time at the age of 37 - but more about that later...  While I was at training, I had my phone on vibrate so I knew that calls were coming in over and over again from an unfamiliar number.  They didn't leave a message and it was driving me crazy because I couldn't answer the call during the meeting! When the meeting was finally finished the number popped up again, but this time I was able to answer the call.  It's amazing how things can change that quickly for a person.  You can answer a phone call and things can get all topsy-turvy!  Thankfully, the call was not a distressing one about family or friends.  It was a call to ask if we would take a

Cakes and Pies! Cakes and Pies!!

I have a huge sweet tooth!  I have actually declared dessert before dinner only because I wanted something sweet!   When we go to conferences there are times I will visit the dessert table before the others to be sure I am not too full to partake in the treats!  I also am guilty of hiding sweets in the house from everyone so I can indulge once in awhile.  (because all of that sugar is definitely not good for the children!) So I know my sweets! Lola just had her 6th birthday and each year I let the kids pick out what kind of birthday cake they would like to have.  It used to be that my brother in law would make all of the cakes for the kids and he even made my wedding cake.  I have to be completely honest and say that I almost cried when he told me he didn't have time to make cakes any more.  Nothing compares to his cakes!  Some of those store bought cakes have frosting that is hard and just much too sweet.  If you try to eat all of the frosting on your piece you begin to bounc

Taking up Golf....

This past summer I thought I would join "high society" and take up golf. I bought clubs on craigslist, got hand-me-down outfits from my mom, and signed up for lessons at the club down the street!  I was ready to go!! I would just like to say that I think golf is one of the most frustrating sports of all time!  I had times where I had more patches of mud on my legs from hitting the ground then balls I had actually hit! (and it was a dry dry summer!)  No wonder one of the most important aspects of the sport (or so I have been told by more then one person) is drinking alcohol!  How would it be fun otherwise! It wasn't all frustration however, I did have some fun golfing with girl friends and my mom.  I prefer to play where we take the best ball or where I get to take "do-overs"!  Those are proper ways to play right? I think my biggest problem was the lessons.  I know absolutely NOTHING about golf!  I knew what a tee was, a club, and that all the ladies wo

The State of Dogs

I guess I am on a roll about dogs here lately!  Being a dog owner myself, one of the things I am appreciated more and more in California is how dog friendly of a state they are!  I do not agree with this, however.... Restaurants have open deck areas where dogs are allowed, many hotels allow dogs, and there are a ton of beaches that allow them as well.   I know that not everyone likes dogs and some people don’t train them all that well, but don’t you think that if I could bring my dog everywhere with me I would be more apt to train him and have more opportunities to do so? It’s just a thought.   I like my little guy and would love to have him hang out with me all day and I know that if he did he would be a better dog for it and I may be a calmer person as well! J

Like Part of the Familly

A pet is part of your family.  Well, maybe not every pet feels as a part of your family as a dog or a cat would.  I doubt I would feel the same about a fish as I would about my dog.  At any rate, when you bring a pet into your home to love you often are faced with decisions you never thought you would face.  If the pet were a human there would be no question to what extent you stretch yourself, but being that they are an animal there is always a grey area.... Back in December we adopted a little rescued Boston Terrier .  He was a cute little thing who has now grown to be a cute 20lb cute thing.  We (or rather I am) are still working on teaching him manners, but he really is a good dog.  Of course we all love him! (even Ryan who pledged he wouldn't like him at all is often caught playing with him or snuggling with him on the couch) After we did the responsible thing and had him neutered he had to have a cone on his head.  He did not approve and it was the funniest sight when he

Crazy California

I was born and raised in  Michigan.  I know that being from Michigan people around the country already have an idea in their heads of who I may be or what I may be into.  I'm sure they assume that I point on my hand to show where I am from, that I LOVE the cold and ice fish, ski, and play hockey, (because it is always cold and snowy in Michigan - in case you don't know, that is not true...), that I talk and dress like a " Yooper ", that I decorate my yard with deer statues, carry a rifle to hunt all the time, and that perhaps in the winter we sit around all day in bars and drink to stave off the blizzard blues.  (these are assumptions I found online by the way ) I am, of course, guilty of assuming things about people who live in states outside my own as well.  We recently traveled to California and I have to admit that in some ways it lived up to what I had pictured in my head.  One stereotype I had in my head is that an average Californian's life consists of to

Why didn't any of you Mom's tell me!?!!

I have been duped!  All of this time I had been believing one thing and today it finally dawned on me that my belief was all wrong! Being that I stay at home with the kids,  I like to venture out to the stores mostly in the mornings.  I like to get all of my chores done and over with so I have some time to myself to relax just before all the chaos begins in the later afternoon.  On each of my little shopping excursions I have seen at least three women in their workout clothes.  I always feel a bit guilty when I see them with their hat, yoga, pants and t-shirt appearing to be on their way to workout or completed with their daily workout routine.  Here I am all dressed and ready to go with no work-out under my belt and no plan for it anytime in the future!  Not good.  Not good.  I mentally scold myself, envy their discipline, and think about working out for a few seconds before I am distracted by something else! Today I have been set free!!  I no longer have to feel the guilt or fe

The Roof! The Roof! The Roof was on Fire!!

Back in March I posted about a house that was on fire in our neighborhood.  You can get caught up  here .  It was an ugly house and it was in foreclosure so unfortunately, no one was sad to see it go.  I wanted to give you a little update about it.  Yes, I know that was forever ago, but it has taken forever before anything was done about it!  - about 4 months!!! This is all gossip around this area so nothing I state here should be taken as hard facts! Apparently on the morning of the fire the resident was seen in the garage with a gas can which he placed on the top of his car while there was smoke billowing out of the upstairs windows.  Another concerned neighbor stopped to see if all was ok and the resident said it was fine, he was just  going in the house to get some important papers and the fire department had been called.  The neighbor thought this was odd and called 911 anyways.  According to gossip, the fire had not been called in.  Due to these stories and other neighbors co

P is for Plane

I don't know why it surprises me each and every time.  I should just come to expect it by now. What I am talking about is how each and every time I go to the bathroom on an airplane something happens that does not help make the peeing process easy. Those rooms are so tiny and cramped that I can barely turn around in there and I am not an overly large person!  I have had the bottom of my sweater or some piece of clothing go in that small toilet before and that is not pleasant!   I now tie everything above my waist that is hanging down so it is secured.  Why don't I just leave those layers on my seat?  I get cold in there and who knows how long I will have to wait in that line because there is ALWAYS a huge line when I can't hold it any longer! The person in front of me always takes 10 minutes in there at least!  I just get lucky that way! Then there is how the toilet bowl is shaped.  Maybe it is the fact that I have to go so bad that it always seems that pee sprays b

Come Sail Away, Come Sail Away.....

Our final day in San Francisco was spent sailing on San Francisco Bay.  The sky was filled with fog and the air had a chill to it, but it ended up being a fabulous journey. We boarded our boat at Pier 39 .  Pier 39 is the famous pier where the sea lions bellow and snort as they battle each other for a position on the floating docks.  In fact, there were some sea lions on the docks where the boats were tied up!  They are not cuddly and cute up close, however.  They are huge, smelly, and intimidating!  I hear it is the cute little Pacific Harbor Seals you have to look out for though.  Our crew on  The Adventure Cat was friendly and helpful.  They were ready to give us details about the boat and the area and happy to take pictures as well!  The vessel itself was gorgeous!  It even had a large netted area in the front where you could sit and relax.  If you were chilly the inside was very comfortable and was equipped with two clean bathrooms ("heads" if you want to use sailin