Sonoma Wine Country

On our first official full day in San Francisco we ventured into Sonoma Wine Country.  The landscape of rolling hills and valleys with lush green fields of grapes was so differnent from what we came from that morning.  The sun was out, the temperature was high (about 90), and we were ready to taste some wine!

Our first stop was Benzinger Family Winery.  It is a family owned and operated winery that uses certified Biodynamic, organic and sustainable farming methods.  They have gardens throughout the vineyard that attract certain good bugs to kill the bad bugs.  It is a very interesting method of farming and one that seems to really work because not only was their winery gorgeous with all of it's gardens intermixed with the rows of vines, but the wine that came from those particular fields were my favorites!
An entrance to one of the caves
The wagon ride up the hill into the vineyards
Inside the caves

The gardens surrounded by rows and rows of grapes

If you have a chance to go to this winery, the experience is unlike any other I have had.  We went through caves where they store their wine and rode on wagons through the winery before we tasted the wines.  The guides were so passionate about what they did at the winery that I wanted to buy the wines before I even tasted them!

Our second stop was to Chateau St. Jean.  Again this winery was beautiful!  Because of our large group we sat on their expansive lawn surrounded by vineyards at tables and were served various wines.  We were also served lunch at this location and had a fabulous spread served with wine of course!

Our final stop of the day was Imagery Estate Winery.  This winery is also unique in that it has an art gallery.  They change their wine labels frequently and have artists submit works of art to use as their labels.  The only requirement is that they depict somewhere in their piece the Imagery logo.  It was a fun change of pace to see the labels displayed on their canvases before they were shrunk down to to fit on the bottles hanging on the walls while we sipped wine.  I felt as if I were part of "high society"!

All of the wine from the night before and a full day of it along with the heat had us tired out so we did something I have never ever done in my life and we ordered room service that night!  I was excited that it was presented to us just the way I see in movies with the covers over the food and the table cloth and decorated table!  Of couse this is the real world and not a movie so as the gentleman pushed the cart in the room it hit something and water spilled all over our suitcase and the table.  We weren't too fazed by this as our clothes were still in the sealable ziplock bags, but the gentleman was very upset!   We later recieved a call asking if we would like cookies to make up for the spill.  Of course I wanted cookies!! :)  Not necessary, but it felt like how things should go at the Ritz...


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