People are now paying me for my opinions!!

Last night I was actually paid to give my opinions! 

I received a call about a month ago and was asked if I would be interested in being part of a marketing research panel about fitness and health clubs.  I'm sure they picked me out because I am so into the health club scene and pretty much hang out there 24/7!  (This is a sarcastic remark- in case you didn't catch it)

Having only seen this on television I wasn't sure really what to expect, but I should have trusted that everything on TV is true because that is exactly how it played out! (well.. minus the dramatic scene where someone goes ballistic and throws a chair through the mirror or something like that)

A group of men and women my age or older were taken into a room with a two way mirror.  We were told we were being video taped and recorded as well as watched from behind the mirror.  I wanted to look into the mirror and check my hair, but refrained and just gave a friendly wave to the invisible people.

We were asked questions and led into different discussions about various health club related issues.  It was actually very interesting to listen to everyone's take on things and impressions.  It was of course awesome to have people be so interested in what I had to say as well!

Now that I have been paid for my opinions, all of you that have heard them in the past through my blog or in person for free should feel very privileged! (I won't start charging you for them just yet...)


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