Here a Bike there a Bike EVERYWHERE a Bike!!

After getting our fill of sea glass we jumped onto Pacific Coast Highway 1 and rode down the coast.  The view is amazing, but the roads wind around sharply.  This can be a fun drive unless you run into 1,000 bikers like we did on our way!

 After this trip I am not a fan of bicyclists!  They always seemed to pop up as we were trying to turn on sharp corners uphill next to the ocean cliffs while giant trucks sped down the hill toward us. (Highway 1 is only 2 lanes)  They rode in the middle of the road or two or three thick making it impossible to pass them.  I should congratulate them on their determination to make it up some of those hills, but when you are the car in a line of five or more putzing behind them and you see others making some dangerous decisions just to get their speed to 10 mph, that is the last thing on your mind!  I am not exaggerating when I tell you we encountered on average at least two bicyclists every mile!  Apparently this is a popular road for people to bike!   

I want to do my part and not cause frustration or unsafe conditions, so  I am pledging not to ride my bike on Highway 1 unless they put in a bike trail.  I thought that was important to mention just so we are clear as to why you will never see me biking on this road! (and of course that is the only reason I will not be biking those miles and miles of uphill climbs – not because I get winded riding around the block!)


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