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The "Lads" of Soccer

For a week this past summer we had the opportunity to host soccer coaches from the UK.  They were here to run a soccer camp through AYSO that Lola and Jackson were both attending.  We are used to having people not in our immediate family in our house so I thought why not?  One coach for one week won't be so bad!  Ryan may have thought differently, but I didn't give him the chance because I didn't tell him about it until after I had committed! ;) We ended up with two coaches.  Both of the lads were from the UK.  One of them was 23 (soon to be 24) and the other one was 27.  The kids and our two coaches, David and Lee They coached in the morning and then we tried to take them places in the afternoon so they would have a chance to experience summer in Michigan.  We went to Grand Haven Beach were we hung out on the beach and ate ice cream, Silver Lake Sand Dunes where we took a trip in a buggy over the dunes , Little Sable Point Lighthouse where we swam and they b

The writing on the wall!!

It was a nice Sunday afternoon.  The sun was out, it was a bit brisk outside, but the kids were playing in the basement and I was catching up on things around the house.  As I walked by the main floor bathroom I smelled something quite unpleasant. This is not the first time that the bathroom has smelled like urine.  I have two young boys who often do not hit the mark or dribble around on the toilet or floor.  I noticed some dribbles on the toilet seat cover, but cleaned the entire toilet and left it at that. I should have known better.  The smell was just too strong.  Later on I passed the bathroom again and could still smell urine!  I went in and started sniffing around.  Literally, I got on my hands and knees and began to sniff!  I reached the trash can and BINGO!  As I looked inside I could see the contents were wet.  I picked up the trash and it began to drip urine!  Upon closer inspection I found the walls and floor to be decorated with streams of pee as well! When I confron

Sonoma Wine Country

On our first official full day in San Francisco we ventured into Sonoma Wine Country.  The landscape of rolling hills and valleys with lush green fields of grapes was so differnent from what we came from that morning.  The sun was out, the temperature was high (about 90), and we were ready to taste some wine! Our first stop was Benzinger Family Winery .  It is a family owned and operated winery that uses certified Biodynamic, organic and sustainable farming methods.  They have gardens throughout the vineyard that attract certain good bugs to kill the bad bugs.  It is a very interesting method of farming and one that seems to really work because not only was their winery gorgeous with all of it's gardens intermixed with the rows of vines, but the wine that came from those particular fields were my favorites! An entrance to one of the caves The wagon ride up the hill into the vineyards Inside the caves The gardens surrounded by rows and rows of grapes

Be Sure to Wear Flowers in Your Hair....

We woke up to the sound of waves and a fog horn in Half Moon Bay. I wished we had had some time to explore the area, as our room was phenominal and the town appeared to have much to offer! The sitting area We stayed at The Beach House . Each room is set up as a suite and has a view of the ocean. We were double upgraded when we arrived so we had two balconies with ocean views in a corner suite! It had a king bed, a huge bathroom with a separate tub and shower, a kitchenette, a fireplace, and a separate sitting and eating area! Ryan was a little annoyed that the mini bar was not stocked, but we distracted ourselves by sitting in the outdoor hot tub next to the ocean the night before. The view from our room Look how close we are to the ocean! The Ritz After some business calls we hit the road once more. We headed for our next hotel, The Ritz Carlton of San Francisco , where Ryan's conference would be held. It wasn't check in time yet, but of course the