Things that go Wizz in the Night...

**I forgot to post this back in June!!  The same thing happened again on our more recent camping trip but we made it in time this go around!

Last weekend we went on our very first camping adventure.  I made lists, prepared, and organized like crazy before the big day!  I tried to plan for every scenario I could think of, but sometimes even the best laid plans won't help you out in a pinch.

On our last night camping the kids watched a movie to settle down and drown out all of the children and adults still up and having fun.  By the time Ry and I climbed into our sleeping bags it was pitch black out and the children were all zonked out.  I know I was tired and it felt like as soon as I closed my eyes I was off to the Land of Nod.  That didn't last too long, however.

Well into the night a child screamed.  It startled me and I woke up immediately registering that it was my child that had screamed.  Ry tried to calm her down, but she wouldn't stop crying and carrying on!  I picked her up and held her on my lap on the floor of the tent trying to talk into her ear quietly.  It wasn't working.  She was screaming out and all I could think about was how we were probably waking up the campground (although now that I think about it, most people were in trailers or motor homes so we were probably safe)

Ry and I were desperate to get her to stop.  At home when this has occurred it is usually because she has to go potty.  As this began to dawn on us (we can be a little slow in the middle of the night) Ryan started pulling the emergency potty we had brought with us over to Lola and I.  Just as he positioned the potty next to me, I felt a warmth spread over my lap and down my legs.  Lola immediately quieted and fell back to sleep!

Had our minds been thinking clearly we may have prevented a clothes change and the disinfecting of the tent floor in the middle of the night, but as it was even with the best plans I still sat in a puddle of pee!

The joys of motherhood!!


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