Lola's Locks

Lola has always had beautiful hair.

Well maybe not always....

As a baby her hair was just all over the place. She had a ton of hair and it grew every which way! I had a hard time taming it until it became a bit longer. Once it tamed down a bit it just grew and grew and grew. Long gorgeous shiny black locks of hair. I always told her that Mommy wanted hair as pretty as hers so when she said she wanted to cut it I was a little on the fence!

On one hand it would be so much easier to manage! All that hair required a lot of brushing and braiding for an active little girl! On the other hand, if I couldn't get my hair to grow that long I could live through Lola's hair right!?

In the end Lola told me it was her body and she could make choices about it. (wonder where she heard that) In discussing her cutting her hair we talked about donating it. At first she was adamant that she didn't want to donate it! When I asked her if she wanted her hair to go in the trash when it was cut or to go to help a little sick girl who had no hair, she was all for helping someone. She didn't understand what donate meant!

I talked to my hairdresser and got the information about making a donation to Locks of Love. It was very easy. The day came and although it took a piece of gum to get Lola to sit in the chair, (she was a bit nervous about being in a new place) the rest was smooth sailing!

Lola still has gorgeous hair, but now it is much more manageable. She is happy that she helped someone and that it only takes about 3 sweeps of the brush to do her hair each day! I'm happy she has a giving heart and could help someone in that way and it only takes 3 sweeps of the brush to do her hair each morning and no more braids are needed for the pool or beach! (although I am sure in time I will convince her to let me do some small braids in her hair!)
My pretty gilr with her long long hair!

She was being camera shy....  Look at all of that beautiful hair!

The hair was measured and sectioned off

The first cut!  10 inches!

Now it is time for the style!

We took her hair to the post office so she could mail it in to Locks of Love!
Isn't she adorable!


  1. Totally love it how you add meaning to the content and writing in the most easy way to everyone can understand. Great. Happy Independence Day Wishes


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