Experiencing the Back Woods with Lumber Jacks! - Vacation Day One

The back woods adventure continues...

This time with Lumber Jacks!

After setting up camp in Mackinaw City at Tee Pee Campground and taking some time to swim in Lake Huron, we headed down the road to Jack Pine Lumber Jack show!

I have to stop here to say a little bit about Tee Pee Campground because we loved it!  It is in the best location on Lake Huron.  The site we had was a little small, but our view and location was amazing so it didn't matter to us!  They have bonfires on the beach and a well stocked store.  The women's bathroom was clean, although I heard the men's was a different story.  The showers were hot and cold and hot again so that was a little troublesome, but not insurmountable!  In the women's bathhouse they had a huge mirror on one side with a big counter and outlets.  I, as well as the teenie bopper cheerleaders who were camping there and had make-up bags the size of my entire suitcase loved it.  Each morning they spent a good 2 hours sitting on that counter doing hair and make-up while I showered and tried to squeeze myself in a spot to see the mirror!  Did I really ever take that long to get ready!?   We could see the bridge, the beach, and the playground from our site.  They have free transportation into town and you are only about 5 minutes away from downtown so it is very convenient!  I would stay there again even with the teenie boppers! 
From our site - the beach, Mackinaw Bridge, and the playground!

Our tent in the foreground and the bridge in the background!

Playing in the water!  It was warm, but rocky so the water shoes came in handy!  That is a ferry coming back from Mackinac Island.

Skipping Stones

Contemplating his next move....

Lake Huron

Trouble.... Just big trouble!

The bathhouse!  (they have to go bad!)

So back to the back woods!  Each night at 7:30 the Jack Pine Lumber Jack Show holds a presentation.  We arrived a few minutes after 7:30 and sat on the bleachers to watch the show.  It was very entertaining!  They set it up in a way that the lumber jacks are competing against one another.  You cheer for your lumber jack and boo for the opposing team.  The things they can do are amazing!  The kids were riveted!  After the show they had the lumber jacks sign pieces of wood from the show and take pictures with them.  I was surprised at how much the kids liked it!  They asked to go back and see it again!  The last day we ended up going to a fair where they performed and again the kids were infatuated!
Watching the show!  Be careful on these bleachers!  Lola lost her show down them and I had to crawl over nasty things to get it!  You can not walk up right under them!
Dakota throwing his axe at the target
Log rolling
After the show with Dakota


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