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Mackinaw City, St. Ignace, and more... Day Three!

We woke up on Friday and headed toward Fort Michilimackinac in Mackinaw City.  The fort is filled with a lot of history, actors, demonstrations of the time period, and even excavators!  We learned a lot of about the history of the time and had a fun time exploring! The boys up in the fort Shooting off the canon The fort Watching food being made These were their toilets.  My children pretending to go! Early settlers My gorgeous girl! Picture by Lola After a lunch near the fort, we headed over the bridge into St. Ignace in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  The drive is very short and easy!  Our first stop was at Deer Ranch , a kind of zoo filled with many different species of deer.  They had babies up to adults.  They even had albino deer!  You could pay a dollar and get carrots to feed the deer. The kids LOVED this!  The deer followed them around looking for food so they were able to pet them and Tyce even gave out a lot of hugs!  We spent

Mackinac Island - Day Two of Vacation

After a windy night where I dreamt cheerleaders were hitting the sides of our tent we headed out for Mackinac Island ! I had gone online and purchased a package for our family for the day on the island .  It included our ferry ride over and basically everything for the day besides food!  We had debated about renting bikes, (there are no cars on the island) but found that with rental for all of us and the ferry ride and entrance into the fort it would cost less to ride around in a horse drawn carriage for the day through the package! We drove five minutes from the campground to Shepler's Ferry Line .  We went with this ferry just because they seemed to have more departure times to and from the island.  We found we didn't have to wait at all when we were ready to go either way which was nice at the end of the day when the kids and parents were tired out! Waiting for the ferry On the ferry The ferries take you under the bridge The streets of Mackinac Islan