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Tent Camping with Kids

Well, we safely arrived home from our first ever camping experience!  Ry and I have camped on our own together and  we both camped when we were younger, but this was the first time our entire family went camping (plus the dog)!  To make it even more exciting we camped in a tent! Our setup - The lot was HUGE! We decided to go to Hungry Horse Campground in Dorr .  This was the perfect choice for us.  The lots were huge, the pool and bathrooms were clean, there were woods all around, there were three different playgrounds, and there were activities for the kids on the weekend!  This campground was also close to our house so if we forgot something or things went terribly wrong we could zip home! When you are tent camping with kids I have some suggestions to make things smoother. Get a tent with a screened in front room and a separate room to sleep in.  We had one room with just mattresses and the front room with our clothes and supplies.  This worked out well because the fron