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If you Give a Child a Diaper.....

If you give your children some directions like "get dressed and clean your room", chances are they won't want to comply. If you tell your children they have to stay in their rooms until they are finished with getting dressed and cleaning, chances are if you can't see them they will find something more exciting to occupy their time. If there is a garbage can in their room filled with garbage, chances are they will find the stinkiest, grossest, piece and find a fun use for it. If there is a very very wet disposable diaper in the garbage, chances are that that is the piece of garbage they will choose because it is smelly, was on someones bottom - (giggle, giggle), and filled with pee - (giggle giggle). If they take that disposable diaper out of the trash, chances are they will throw it at each other! If they throw it at each other, chances are it will burst open and the little pee filled gel substance will begin to fly around the room! If that gel substance f