Tuning Out and Tuning In

Endless amounts of time spent with your children can give you odd abilities.

Today I was forced to notice my ability to tune out everything around me.

I was sitting in the car driving by myself when I heard myself humming the tune of He-Man!  The video was playing in the van.  So I had been driving with no passengers with the movie playing and I hadn't even realized it!

During Spring Break I noticed my fantastic ability of ignoring the cries of my children.  They could be screaming while I was on the phone and the person on the other end would ask if I needed to go, but I hadn't even noticed the screams!  When I stopped to listen to them I could tell they weren't serious cries and screams.  "No worries.  They'll work it out." 

I'm sure the person on the other end thought I was nuts, but moms know what those cries mean and seem to only tune into the ones that are serious.  It must be a survival technique God gave us.  If I paid attention to every cry, yell, scream, and shriek I would go insane in a hurry!! (that or have no hair or be an alcoholic!)

Thank goodness I have the ability to tune out and in when it is needed.


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