How I Roll.. or Crawl..

I brought the kids to gymnastics today and in getting out of the car one of the kids kicked out a soccer ball and it rolled under the car. Apparently this is the worst thing that can possibly happen in a child's life because my children were very distressed about it and actually cried! 

Being the mom that I am, I reassured the children and had them stand on the side of the van while I got down on all fours to find the ball. Sure enough it was under the car. It was in the middle front of the car and i was on the back side of the car so I couldn't reach it from my vantage point. 

Now if I were thinking clearly and had known that the earlier gymnastics class had just let out and all of the parents were streaming out into the parking lot, I would have done the proper thing and stand up, walk around my van, and reach for the ball. 

As it was, I stayed on my hands and knees and crawled around the car. I had no idea that a crowd had gathered as I shimmied myself under the car with only my legs sticking out to retrieve the ball. I can only imagine what the other parents were thinking and wondering as they watched me crawl around the parking lot and under the car! 

When I emerged with the ball, one of the dads began to clap and say, "You got it!" I was startled so I jumped up, gave a little cheer for everyone, flashed everyone a smile, and threw the ball in the car! Just another way I add entertainment to the world... ( and a great lesson in thinking before you start doing because you never know who may be watching!!) 


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