Cowgirls and Cowboys

I love horses!  I have always loved riding them.  They are gorgeous animals! I was always lucky because my cousin loved horses as well and actually had one!  She used to show me how to put on his saddle, groom him, and ride him.  I remember being thrilled when I had a turn to trot around in circles and then get the horse to canter!

Now my children are very fortunate that my aunt and uncle have turned a hobby that their daughter loved into a life style.  They have the most amazing barn and indoor arena for horses!  Their stalls are filled with horses from all over the world and some that have won prestigious awards.  My children are lucky because my aunt and uncle are always willing to let us come and hang out and ride their pony!

The kids absolutely LOVE it! My aunt leads the pony around the arena. Tyce can't stop smiling, Jackson can't stop listening to the details about the horses and pony, and Lola can't stop talking and asking questions! What a wonderful time we all had and what wonderful blessings we have!

Tyce wanted to go fast and was loving every second!!

Lola and her cousin (they are twin sisters..according to them) :)

Getting warm and having snacks while watching the riders

My niece, Audrey

Lola couldn't believe how big the pony was!

Jackson didn't want to ride a first, but decided he wouldn't regret riding, but he might regret not riding.  He loved it!  His legs are now long enough to fit into the normal stirrups!

Ashley, my niece

Giving the pony a brushing after their rides

Of course this one had to kick up the mud and sand everywhere he walked!  He looked like Pig Pen!  Good thing Mom thought ahead and put boots on him!

No visit is complete without seeing the big tractors!


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