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How I Roll.. or Crawl..

I brought the kids to gymnastics today and in getting out of the car one of the kids kicked out a soccer ball and it rolled under the car. Apparently this is the worst thing that can possibly happen in a child's life because my children were very distressed about it and actually cried! 

Being the mom that I am, I reassured the children and had them stand on the side of the van while I got down on all fours to find the ball. Sure enough it was under the car. It was in the middle front of the car and i was on the back side of the car so I couldn't reach it from my vantage point. 

Now if I were thinking clearly and had known that the earlier gymnastics class had just let out and all of the parents were streaming out into the parking lot, I would have done the proper thing and stand up, walk around my van, and reach for the ball. 

As it was, I stayed on my hands and knees and crawled around the car. I had no idea that a crowd had gathered as I shimmied myself under the car wit…

Desparate Times call for Desparate Measures...

This morning I brought the two little ones with me to get the oil changed on our mini-van.  I have learned that the best thing to do is to turn it into a fun and special event by getting donuts for them to enjoy while waiting.  This starts the wait off on the right foot with happy kids!
My experience hasn't always been sugary nice while getting the oil changed, however.  I had completely forgotten about one of my most glorious moments as a mother that happened to occur while I was waiting for the car at the dealer!!
Tyce was just a tiny guy, wobbling around on his stocky legs in his diaper.  I was waiting for something on the car to be fixed.  Of course Tyce decided to fill his diaper while we were there.  I took him to the bathroom with the rest of my crew in tow only to discover that I wasn't prepared for the situation!

My diaper bag had wipes and all other kinds of goodies in it, but not one diaper!  How in the world could I be out of the house without a diaper?  I know you g…

Tuning Out and Tuning In

Endless amounts of time spent with your children can give you odd abilities.

Today I was forced to notice my ability to tune out everything around me.

I was sitting in the car driving by myself when I heard myself humming the tune of He-Man!  The video was playing in the van.  So I had been driving with no passengers with the movie playing and I hadn't even realized it!
During Spring Break I noticed my fantastic ability of ignoring the cries of my children.  They could be screaming while I was on the phone and the person on the other end would ask if I needed to go, but I hadn't even noticed the screams!  When I stopped to listen to them I could tell they weren't serious cries and screams.  "No worries.  They'll work it out." 

I'm sure the person on the other end thought I was nuts, but moms know what those cries mean and seem to only tune into the ones that are serious.  It must be a survival technique God gave us.  If I paid attention to every cry, yell,…

Day in the Kitchen Part II - the sweeter side..

With the little deviled eggs completed it was time to move on to the next project.  I still had some eggs and strawberry cake mix so our next project was to make little rabbit cakes and cup cakes.  The most fun is decorating them, or on second thought, the most fun is probably licking the beaters and the bowls!  I tend to be a messy baker so there is a lot of utensils the kids have to choose from!  I think the dog even was licking my leg because some frosting or something flew on me!

Nothing too fancy about these.  We just used the strawberry cake mix and premade frosting.  The trick with the frosting is to scoop it out of the container and take your mixer and mix it on high for a bit.  It makes it much fluffier, it is easer to spread, and because it gets air in it, it goes farther!

Our last creation was my spring take on the chocolate marshmallow cookies I made during Christmas time.  (any excuse to make those is a good one!)

Betty Crocker Double Chocolate Chunk Cookie Mix
1/4 cup of…

Day in the Kitchen Part I - the devilish side...

With small children in the house I seem to spend most of my time in the kitchen.  Some days I can't wait to step out of that area and others I catch some sort of manic virus that compels me to create more work for myself and spend every moment of the day there!

This was one of those days!

Ry has a bit of a cold so I decided to make him homemade chicken soup with lots of good stuff like garlic in it to shock his cold away! That meant we had to go to the store for some of the fresh ingredients. While we were there I picked up a few other things which was a big mistake! 

We started by decorating Easter Eggs which compelled me to take the remaining eggs and make deviled eggs that looked like little chicks!

I saw this on the Today show and although they didn't turn out exactly as Martha Stewart's did, I think they look great for my first try!
I boiled the eggs, peeled, and then cut them so they opened like a plastic Easter Egg.  I scooped the yolks out and then added: (this is…

Cowgirls and Cowboys

I love horses!  I have always loved riding them.  They are gorgeous animals! I was always lucky because my cousin loved horses as well and actually had one!  She used to show me how to put on his saddle, groom him, and ride him.  I remember being thrilled when I had a turn to trot around in circles and then get the horse to canter!

Now my children are very fortunate that my aunt and uncle have turned a hobby that their daughter loved into a life style.  They have the most amazing barn and indoor arena for horses!  Their stalls are filled with horses from all over the world and some that have won prestigious awards.  My children are lucky because my aunt and uncle are always willing to let us come and hang out and ride their pony!

The kids absolutely LOVE it! My aunt leads the pony around the arena. Tyce can't stop smiling, Jackson can't stop listening to the details about the horses and pony, and Lola can't stop talking and asking questions! What a wonderful time we all…

Our Weekend Trip to the "Show Me" State

The main purpose of our trip was to visit and celebrate my friend of 35 years' birthday.  Our parents built homes next to one another when we were two and we were lucky enough that we loved to spend time together.  As elementary kids we went to different schools and didn't see each other very much during the winter months, but as the snow thawed I was at her house every day.  I can remember her mom saying she didn't have to look outside to know warm weather was on the way.  She only had to see that I was at the door!

When we reached junior high we finally went to the same school.  I was so blessed to have such a great friend lead me through the scary halls of the public school!  She introduced me to all of her friends and was my saving grace!  In high school, her family moved to Missouri.  I was devastate, but thankfully we stayed in touch through the years and even if I don't show up on her doorstep every day like I did in the past, when we are together it feels no tim…

The Messier, the More Fun?

Does mess equal fun?
My children seem to think that is the case. 
Messy rooms, messy projects, messy foods...
While I am cleaning in a different room there is a pretty good chance they are making a mess of themselves or something else.
This is what I found today...
A child covered in ink from head to toe and splatters of mud from toe to head on his clothes and under his clothes!  He is definitely all smiles!!  Maybe mess does equal fun! (just maybe not for Mom)

Are We There Yet??

This past weekend we went on a huge adventure!  We traveled to visit one of my oldest and dearest friends 4 states away - with the kids by car!
This was our longest road trip by far!  We drove from South West Michigan to St. Louis Missouri!  I wasn't sure how the kids would do sitting for such a long time.  We do have a DVD in the car, but each child has a certain taste and they get bored watching after awhile so I had to be prepared with an arsenal of tricks and treats!

It took a little bit of preparation, but it was so worth it!  I think the kids enjoyed the road trip as much as they did when we reached our destination!

I put two containers in the middle of the van filled with activities to keep the kids busy.  We had books, coloring books, maze books, crosswords, sudoku, construction paper, blank paper, crayons, colored pencils, and some doodle boards.  I also packed in a couple of cookie sheets with letter magnets and other magnets we had.  I also had magnets that could be bui…