Spring is Coming! Spring is Coming! - Because I said so!!!

This morning Tyce got up around 6:30 asking if it was Easter!  It's my fault.  I am done with winter.  Granted, we haven't had your typical Michigan winter this year and I don't think the temps ever hit in the negatives, so I shouldn't complain too much, but I'm tired of the gloomy skies and the bare trees!  That is why yesterday the kids and I got out all of our Easter and Spring decorations.  It's time to add some color around here!!!

Of course a week ago we had a snow day with enough snow to build a ginormous snowman and just because the snow has melted does not mean that it won't come back, but I am ready for the sun to come calling again!  Even if it means that I will have to pick up plastic eggs for the next few months never knowing what may be inside them, it is worth it!  (yesterday it was dog food - no wonder the dog was crazy about the eggs!)

Here are some photos and video to give you an idea of the snow we got last week!
It takes a neighborhood and some smart thinking to make a snowman this big!
He was so tall we couldn't reach the top!
Jackson and the giant snowman!!

Ryan and Jackson with the snowman they made

If at first you don't succeed... get Mom to put down the camera and use her height and strength to help!!


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