Sleepy Sleepy Time...

When I was young there was nothing more exciting then going to a sleep over!  Of course sleeping on the ground wasn't too appealing, but the junk food, movies, and talking all night long made up for any discomfort in the night!

Unfortunately, for me, there was always a price to pay for all of that fun!  I was notorious for staying up all night and then getting sick within a few days of the sleep over if I didn't catch up on that rest as soon as possible! 

In college I could stay up until 4am just chatting or studying away.  I know I was tired the next day and fell asleep with a book in my lap on occasion, but I don't remember my health being in jeopardy.  I lived that way for at least three years in a row!  When the kids were babies we were constantly getting up every 3 - 4 hours!  When Tyce was first born we had one child getting up every 30 minutes and the other getting up every three hours!  Somehow I made it through those nights and was able to function the next days even with the kids refusing to nap.

Somehow I think I am reverting back to before I hit my teens.  If a child gets up once in the middle of the night I can barely roll out of bed in the morning!  I have a hard time getting my energy level flowing all day!  If I pretend I am in my teens or twenties and stay up past the witching hour I have to catch up on sleep the next day or my family must face the walking dead all day! 

Was I able to function on such little sleep in the past just because I was used to not getting enough sleep?  Does your body get used to functioning in less then perfect conditions?  Now that I am semi-boring and get more sleep does that make me less able to handle times when I don't get a lot of sleep?  Whatever the reason I'm not all that fond of it!  It makes me feel old not being able to recover more quickly!  I think I may have to put an end to it and begin to stay out later to build up my tolerance!  Anyone want to join me?


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