Proof they are Mine!

Today is the first day of March which in our household means the first day of Reading Month! 

The school has activities and contests all month long associated with reading.  Our children have to record how many minutes they read each day.  They get to meet an author and dress up like book characters!  I love to read so it is fine with me if the school wants me to model reading all day! (Ry doesn't appreciate my "modeling" as much as the school might because when I get into a good book everything else gets neglected!)

This morning around 6 am we heard Jackson jump out of bed and turn on his lights.  He had set his alarm so he could start reading first thing this morning!  He actually read for 93 minutes before he had to get on the bus!  The other two children also had gotten out books and were "reading" before we had time to get dressed!

Ryan came around the corner shaking his head.  "Those children are definitely from your loins,"  he said. "I was happy I could complete a large floor puzzle at their age."  (I guess we all have our strengths....and to be fair he was making up stock market games at that age....)

Happy Reading Month!!


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