Our Date Night at Home...

On Friday the kids didn't have school so after the excitement of the castle burning down, I had to find something fun for them to do indoors.  (it was a bit cold outside)

I suggested they make a movie theatre in our living room!  They went crazy!!  They made tickets, popcorn, set up vending areas, put on costumes, and handed out money!  After Ryan got home and we ate dinner we all stood in line to enter the theatre!  They served us popcorn and set the mood by turning off lights.  Ryan and I didn't exactly get to sit next to each other because little ones wanted laps, but it was still a great "date night" at home!

The Theatre

Get your popcorn and juice here!

No dogs allowed in the theatre so we had to smuggle Tucker in as a baby!

Get your tickets to the movie here!

The man with the popcorn

Getting popcorn- you could even pick special seasonings and treats to be in your popcorn!

Even the oldest was roped in!


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