Fire in the Neighborhood...

I am always preaching to the kids about safety.  They hear things like "That's not safe."  and "That's dangerous."  many times over a day (sometimes in the same 5 minutes!)  We have talked about what to do in case of big emergencies and I constantly quiz them.

We have a plan on what to do in case of tornadoes and fires.  I actually have the plan posted on the wall and have supplies in the basement.  I can't take credit for this as we were required to do it by the State of Michigan in order to be foster parents.

Today the kids saw first hand about the importance of being safe and not playing with fire.  A house down the street caught fire and burnt down.  Fortunately, there were only two people in the home at the time and they got out of the home without any injuries.  The home did not fair very well.  It is amazing how fast a fire can spread and the damage it can do.  It began in the garage and spread quickly.  On our way to the library we stopped and looked at it, the neighbors sent me some pictures, and I brought A to play soccer in case you were wondering why it is that I have these pictures at different times in the day!
AT 8:22 this morning.  Looks like the fire is just in the garage

8:48 this morning.  Fire Fighters on the scene and it has spread!

10:24 - still burning

10:24  - The roof and garage are completely gone!

11:16 - There are still hot spots!

2:16pm - What is left of the Castle House (that's what we called it)  So far they were only able to pull out a few belongings.


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