The Doctor's In

Yesterday was just one of those days where you hurry up to wait which means high stress for Mom.

Jackson got up and couldn't walk or even put on his sock.  Which means that after breakfast I took him down the street to Urgent Care.  Of course it had to be a day that the little kids were home as well.  What a way to start a day with carrying one child on your back through the parking lot and building because he can't walk and dragging two other ones by the hands!

I do have to say that they did extremely well during our visit and we learned a lot about blood pressure and x-rays!  We also had a chance to watch the Disney Channel while waiting! (thank goodness I found the remote in the room!!)  Jackson ended up with a sprained ankle.  I was happy it didn't require a cast or anything except pain killers and ice.
Waiting for our turn
Watching the Disney Channel while waiting...
Looking at x-rays of Jackson's foot!

Later on that afternoon we had to venture back to the doctor for Tyce and Lola's check-up.  They were delighted that they were doing the same things that Jackson did in the morning!  They were a bit  more antsy, but still did well.  They even had a chance to play doctor.  They listened to their hearts beating and also pretended to be the doctor and ask me questions about my health.
Dr Tyce listening to his heart beat.  The look on his face when he heard it was priceless!

Dr. Lola hearing her heartbeat!

The question they were most concerned with was if I picked my nose with my fingers or if I picked my nose with my toes!  No, the doctor did not bring up nose picking at all and no I don't do either of those things, but they asked it over and over again!  Crazy kids!!!

Thank goodness the child I carried out crying from the office was the smallest one this time!  He had four shots and was not happy about it AT ALL!!

One easy suggestion I have for those of you who have to bring young children to the doctor; pack some crayons in your purse and let them go at the paper that covers the examining table.  They love it!!!  The paper gets thrown away after you leave anyways so it may as well be a masterpiece!!  It is also fun to bring their own doctor kit and let them do the same to you or the doctor if they are scared about what is going on.  This gives them more of a sense of control. 

I for one am just glad the appointments are done! :)


  1. Quite a story you got here! Kinda scares me it has to happen with my kid as well at the medical aid unit wilmington de a few months ago. I'm glad yours turned out well too. Good job!

  2. This isn't always an exciting experience, but I'm glad to hear that after hours of care, everything went well. I wouldn't really want to be in the same spot with my kid.

  3. As a parent, I agree on how hard it is whenever our child gets sick. Just last month, my son started vomiting when he woke up in the morning. I had to rush him to the urgent care at Fremont CA. Luckily, it wasn't serious, but it still got me worried since it was my son.

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