And Then There Were Three...

We start this week off with four children in our home, but will end it with only three!

Throughout this year we have learned a lot about what it means to be a parent to someone else's child as well as our own.  Each day has been a learning experience for me and I hope that I can say that I have grown.

Our plan had been to have A live with us until he was done with high school.  I, obviously, should know that plans don't always work out the way you anticipate them to!  We feel extremely blessed that we had a year with him to help him learn, dream, and play! 

We had a meeting with Bethany Christian Services on Friday. Through speaking with counselors, social workers, us, and A, they have determined that it would be best if he moves on to a new home. He is doing great in school and with his English, but one piece that he is missing that we can't give him in our house is socializing with other kids his own age. Bethany feels (as we do also) that it is important that he ground himself here with friends and act as a normal teenager would. Living in a home with other teenagers would give him that edge so he would have someone to help him step out a little bit and become more involved.

We were able to get him focused on his studies and show him what he could accomplish if he put forth some effort, but that isn't all there is to life!  Fortunately, he will remain in our district so he will be able to continue with relationships, his tutors, and the same classes. He will be moving to a home that has two other boys from Bethany and some other teenagers. He has come to know this family and the kids that live there. One of the boys is from Mexico and loves soccer as well so they will have a lot in common!

Although we will miss A, we know that this is what is best for him and in his steps to becoming a successful young man here in the US! 

How are the little kids handling this?  Well, when I explained it to Tyce he asked why I couldn't just play with A.  When I told him I was an adult and he was a teenager and he needed other teenagers he accepted that.  Lola said, "Ahh.  I will miss him!"  Jackson was the most bummed as he will lose someone who he could play computer games with and other "bigger" kid activities.  A seems pretty excited to start a new chapter and to be able to have a little more freedom outside of a family with young children! And me?  Well, it will take some adjustment, but like every mom, I know that you have to do what is best for the children!


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