Wednesday, March 28, 2012

It Works! Wednesday - Real Men Wrap!!

Most of the "wrap" parties I do are attended by women.  I have had a few men sneak in here or there, but for the most part they don't want to admit that they may want a little boost to help their physic or health.

This spring, however, I do believe that the men have the women beat!  I have had more men ask me about my products then women!  More men have been signing up not only as customers but as distributors as well!  I am glad that they are seeing the benefits in getting healthy!  Men need these products just as much as women do!  Here are some before and after shots of the guys!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Little Lash can go a Long Way

Last week I decided that it was about time I branched out a little bit and tried something new.  (Ha ha!  Ry would totally roll his eyes at that statement because I am ALWAYS doing something new!  Poor man can never even guess what I will come up with next!)

Anyways, I decided that I wanted to try false eye lashes.  In my typical fashion, I researched the options online.  I wanted cheap and easy.  The overwhelming consensus was to go to Sally's Beauty Supply and get Demi Whispies by Ardell.  I also learned that glue was what made or broke the entire effect.  Duo Adhesive was what everyone seemed to agree worked best.  You can get it in clear or dark.  I went with clear.  You would want to use the dark option if you wanted your eyes to look really heavily lined on the top.

So off I went to Sally's to make my $10 purchase!  Since I had no idea what I was doing I had to watch youtube to see how to apply these crazy things!  I learned that the glue is super important!  If you don't get enough on or on the ends well enough you will be in big trouble!  After a few false starts I was able to put them on! (the more you do it, the easier it gets) 

I put on my eyeshadow and liner before putting on the lashes because they seemed to get in the way a little bit.  If you try it out I think it is a good idea to use a liner or dark shadow to help blend the line of your real lashes with the line of the false ones.

The glue was every bit as good as they say it is!  The lashes stayed put all day through lots of wind, rain, shower, nap, and whatever else I got myself into that day!  Even though they survived the nap, I would advice not laying on them.  I got up with one lash curling a funky way!

One small little adventure for me, but it is fun to feel a little bit more glamorous once in awhile!  Us Moms need that! (Even if only other moms at preschool see you do a little something to make you feel good!)  

Monday, March 26, 2012

The Worst Note from School... (well, almost the worst..)

A lot of paperwork comes home each night from school.  Most of the papers are completed assignments or notes.  Many of the notes are reminders of upcoming events but occasionally notes come home that are a little disturbing to me.

During the prime cold and flu season it is expected that an occasional note will come home warning of something being shared in the classroom.  This year we were warned about strep throat, stomach flu, and pink eye from various classrooms.  I'm never too concerned about these warnings, but there is one warning that recently came home that puts me immediately on edge.

This warning sends me into a head itching frenzy!  I am even itching my head right now thinking about it!  I can't help it!  When I am warned to keep an eye on my child because cases of lice are going around the classroom it seems that I contract a phantom case instantaneously!

I am happy to say that our home has never had a real case of lice, (knock on wood) but having been a teacher for many years in the past I have encountered a ton of cases of lice. (just not on my own head)  There was one entire school year that I wore my hair up every day due to children coming into my room with cases of lice!   The nurse was in my classroom at least three times a week to inspect everyone.  I included myself in the inspection because back then I also had phantom cases, but who wouldn't!!

There was no hiding that I continually sent children home because they had lice.  It began to be a contest to see how many days I could go louse-less in my classroom!  My supportive staff gave me suggestions on remedies just in case and children's books about lice!  Parents of the children began to come in and be inspected as well!  What a mess and it lasted the entire school year!

Seriously, my head is itching right now just thinking about that school year!  Funny how that was the last time I taught full time as a teacher!  So don't share hats or brushes or visors or anything that may touch your head!  And now I have to stop talking about this subject because my head is itching like crazy! (it's just a phantom itch I promise!)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Here We Go!!

Lola is learning how to read and write in Developmental Kindergarten.  It is fun to see her experiment with letters and put them together to form words.  The other day she wrote this:

When I read it I automatically thought it said "beer".  When I asked Lola what the word said, she promptly responded "party"!  Oh brother!!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Doctor's In

Yesterday was just one of those days where you hurry up to wait which means high stress for Mom.

Jackson got up and couldn't walk or even put on his sock.  Which means that after breakfast I took him down the street to Urgent Care.  Of course it had to be a day that the little kids were home as well.  What a way to start a day with carrying one child on your back through the parking lot and building because he can't walk and dragging two other ones by the hands!

I do have to say that they did extremely well during our visit and we learned a lot about blood pressure and x-rays!  We also had a chance to watch the Disney Channel while waiting! (thank goodness I found the remote in the room!!)  Jackson ended up with a sprained ankle.  I was happy it didn't require a cast or anything except pain killers and ice.
Waiting for our turn
Watching the Disney Channel while waiting...
Looking at x-rays of Jackson's foot!

Later on that afternoon we had to venture back to the doctor for Tyce and Lola's check-up.  They were delighted that they were doing the same things that Jackson did in the morning!  They were a bit  more antsy, but still did well.  They even had a chance to play doctor.  They listened to their hearts beating and also pretended to be the doctor and ask me questions about my health.
Dr Tyce listening to his heart beat.  The look on his face when he heard it was priceless!

Dr. Lola hearing her heartbeat!

The question they were most concerned with was if I picked my nose with my fingers or if I picked my nose with my toes!  No, the doctor did not bring up nose picking at all and no I don't do either of those things, but they asked it over and over again!  Crazy kids!!!

Thank goodness the child I carried out crying from the office was the smallest one this time!  He had four shots and was not happy about it AT ALL!!

One easy suggestion I have for those of you who have to bring young children to the doctor; pack some crayons in your purse and let them go at the paper that covers the examining table.  They love it!!!  The paper gets thrown away after you leave anyways so it may as well be a masterpiece!!  It is also fun to bring their own doctor kit and let them do the same to you or the doctor if they are scared about what is going on.  This gives them more of a sense of control. 

I for one am just glad the appointments are done! :)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Christmas in July and Summer in March!!

How can this be?  The blossoms are on the trees.  The cover is off of the air conditioner.  All of the windows are open.  We are in shorts and t-shirts.  It is only March and we live in Michigan!!  I LOVE IT!!  We are setting record breaking high temperatures!  At first I was worried about global warning, but when I found out the last time we had these temperatures was well before any of our modern day conveniences that could cause global warming, I put the worry out of my mind and just enjoyed the sunshine!! 

Monday, March 19, 2012

And Then There Were Three...

We start this week off with four children in our home, but will end it with only three!

Throughout this year we have learned a lot about what it means to be a parent to someone else's child as well as our own.  Each day has been a learning experience for me and I hope that I can say that I have grown.

Our plan had been to have A live with us until he was done with high school.  I, obviously, should know that plans don't always work out the way you anticipate them to!  We feel extremely blessed that we had a year with him to help him learn, dream, and play! 

We had a meeting with Bethany Christian Services on Friday. Through speaking with counselors, social workers, us, and A, they have determined that it would be best if he moves on to a new home. He is doing great in school and with his English, but one piece that he is missing that we can't give him in our house is socializing with other kids his own age. Bethany feels (as we do also) that it is important that he ground himself here with friends and act as a normal teenager would. Living in a home with other teenagers would give him that edge so he would have someone to help him step out a little bit and become more involved.

We were able to get him focused on his studies and show him what he could accomplish if he put forth some effort, but that isn't all there is to life!  Fortunately, he will remain in our district so he will be able to continue with relationships, his tutors, and the same classes. He will be moving to a home that has two other boys from Bethany and some other teenagers. He has come to know this family and the kids that live there. One of the boys is from Mexico and loves soccer as well so they will have a lot in common!

Although we will miss A, we know that this is what is best for him and in his steps to becoming a successful young man here in the US! 

How are the little kids handling this?  Well, when I explained it to Tyce he asked why I couldn't just play with A.  When I told him I was an adult and he was a teenager and he needed other teenagers he accepted that.  Lola said, "Ahh.  I will miss him!"  Jackson was the most bummed as he will lose someone who he could play computer games with and other "bigger" kid activities.  A seems pretty excited to start a new chapter and to be able to have a little more freedom outside of a family with young children! And me?  Well, it will take some adjustment, but like every mom, I know that you have to do what is best for the children!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Our Date Night at Home...

On Friday the kids didn't have school so after the excitement of the castle burning down, I had to find something fun for them to do indoors.  (it was a bit cold outside)

I suggested they make a movie theatre in our living room!  They went crazy!!  They made tickets, popcorn, set up vending areas, put on costumes, and handed out money!  After Ryan got home and we ate dinner we all stood in line to enter the theatre!  They served us popcorn and set the mood by turning off lights.  Ryan and I didn't exactly get to sit next to each other because little ones wanted laps, but it was still a great "date night" at home!

The Theatre

Get your popcorn and juice here!

No dogs allowed in the theatre so we had to smuggle Tucker in as a baby!

Get your tickets to the movie here!

The man with the popcorn

Getting popcorn- you could even pick special seasonings and treats to be in your popcorn!

Even the oldest was roped in!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

It Works Wednesday - Skinny Thigh Recipe!

I know we all want that model look before the warm weather hits, but without thousands of dollars, a personal trainer, and a crash diet is it really obtainable?

Yes it it!!

Today I wanted to introduce you to the "Skinny Thigh Recipe".  Works like magic and it won't break the bank!  Below is the recipe and some before and after pictures.  Remember that Ultimate Body Applicators are the same things as "wraps" and you can find them here:

One thigh wrapped and one not wrapped!

Awesome progressive differences!

Treasures after the Thaw...

The sun has come out of hibernation and the days are getting warmer!  Over the weekend we could play outside without hats and mittens on!  That is pretty impressive when I think about last year and the fact that we had snow in late April!
With warmer days every one begins to come out of their homes and take out things that were packed away for the winter.  (The fire on Friday brought a lot of people out too!  We have had more traffic through the neighborhood then ever before with people looking at the remnants of the fire.  The only question now is how long will it sit like that!)  We found lost toys from the summer before under bushes and tucked in the woods or bottles that have blown in the yard.  It seemed that everyone was finding treasures to share!  Some were of the creepy crawlie variety and some were treasures I wished had remained hidden!

This was also the first day that Tucker really got a taste of what it was like to be outside with the kids running around.  He was loving life!  He trotted after the kids and stole their balls or just explored.  It was also a true test of  how well he would listen to me when I called.  I have to say I was pretty proud!  It does occasionally take me shaking a can of pennies to get him to come running, but at least he does!

At one point he followed Jackson and A off into the woods on an expedition.  I was hoping the boys were paying attention to the dog and would bring him back with them.  Ry and I were busy messing with things in the yard and cleaning things up outside so we weren't paying that close of attention to him and thought that maybe later we would have to go search. (we are super responsible owners I know!)  Not long after they left, we were surprised to see Tucker prancing out of the woods back home to our yard on his own!  The boys were not even within hearing distance!  I was so excited that he came back on his own!  What a good dog!  I was singing his praises until I saw what brought him home.

Tucker had found a treasure too!  I have to say it was the BEST treasure of the day! (insert sarcasm)  I know what you are thinking and you are partially right!  A small mouse, dead bird, or some other little creature would have been a more appropriate treasure for him to find.  My 12 pound dog who is little enough to be carried by Tyce and sit on our laps couldn't possible come home with a tiny little creature.  No!  That would be too predictable, too mundane!  Nope, my little puppy came home with a deer leg in his mouth!  Yes!  A stinking, flesh covered, fur intact, hoof on, deer leg!!!  It was about as long as he is!!

He proudly dropped it at my feet and prepared to enjoy his find!  What did I do?  Run inside for my camera of course!  I wished I had gotten a picture of him carrying it in his mouth because it looked so absurd, but I didn't want him picking it up again so I made Ryan pick it up and throw it away.  Of course Ry thought it was a cool find as well.  He turned it all around trying to figure out how it had come off the deer and what could have possibly killed it!

My next thought was to wonder what the boys may come back from their adventure dragging behind them!  Fortunately for me, they never saw the deer or any part of it.  They didn't think that was too cool and wanted to take Tucker back in the woods as their track dog to find more parts!  It's too bad it was time to go get some ice cream instead!  Bummer!!!  Sometimes those kinds of treasures are best left lost in the woods!  And it is amazing how easy kids can be distracted by ice cream! (they must take after their mother!)
First ice cream of the season!!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Fire in the Neighborhood...

I am always preaching to the kids about safety.  They hear things like "That's not safe."  and "That's dangerous."  many times over a day (sometimes in the same 5 minutes!)  We have talked about what to do in case of big emergencies and I constantly quiz them.

We have a plan on what to do in case of tornadoes and fires.  I actually have the plan posted on the wall and have supplies in the basement.  I can't take credit for this as we were required to do it by the State of Michigan in order to be foster parents.

Today the kids saw first hand about the importance of being safe and not playing with fire.  A house down the street caught fire and burnt down.  Fortunately, there were only two people in the home at the time and they got out of the home without any injuries.  The home did not fair very well.  It is amazing how fast a fire can spread and the damage it can do.  It began in the garage and spread quickly.  On our way to the library we stopped and looked at it, the neighbors sent me some pictures, and I brought A to play soccer in case you were wondering why it is that I have these pictures at different times in the day!
AT 8:22 this morning.  Looks like the fire is just in the garage

8:48 this morning.  Fire Fighters on the scene and it has spread!

10:24 - still burning

10:24  - The roof and garage are completely gone!

11:16 - There are still hot spots!

2:16pm - What is left of the Castle House (that's what we called it)  So far they were only able to pull out a few belongings.

Things that go Bump in the Night..

When you have children there are certain things you come to expect.  You expect that mud will get tracked in the house.  You expect food will be dropped on the floor.  You expect tantrums will be thrown.  You expect toys will be broken and fights will occur between siblings.

At a certain point you become immune to some of these things and the children begin to grow out of some of these behaviors or at least they become more aware of what is expected of them.

Currently, I expect that on some nights I will be woken up by one of the two little ones.  I expect one will need a drink, one had a bad dream, one doesn't feel well, or one is chilly!  This is just normal child behavior.  I don't expect for Jackson to wake up and cry like the other two because he has reached an age that he doesn't need us for each and every thing. 

Last night I was woken up out of a deep sleep by something unexpected even for our home.  It was after midnight and I suddenly heard a deep voice!  I thought perhaps it was the music on in one of the kids' rooms so I went to investigate.  That is not where it was coming from.  I thought maybe I had been dreaming, but when Ryan woke up and gave me an odd look and said that it must be the television I knew something was odd.

I ventured downstairs into a pitch black room.  Maybe it was someone passing by.  Nope - there it was again!  Of course I was behaving just like the girl does in the horror movie when she walks in a dark room in her pjs toward the suspicious sounds and the danger.  I thought I was smarter then that, but curiosity always wins out! 

There was light coming out from under the basement door so I climbed down my second flight of stairs and followed the noise.

There was A rifling through some drawers with his buds in his ears.  He was singing at the top of his lungs.  It took me waving my hands and yelling his name for at least two minutes before he finally acknowledged that I was there!

"I can hear you upstairs."
"You watchin' a movie?"
"Um no.  It is in the middle of the night- I was sleeping in my bed two stories above you!"
"You are too loud.  Stop singing and go to bed!"

Didn't expect to be woken up by a 17 year old singing in Spanish two floors below me!!!  Will I never learn to expect the unexpected???

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Where oh Where has Mommy's Brain gone???

Sometimes my brain travels much faster then the rest of me.  This is why I sometimes trip over my own feet or run into things. (For awhile I claimed it was that I was tripping over my own awesomenss and while that may be true, my brain moving at the speed of light may be a bit more believable for some) Sometimes I stubble over some of my words or jump from subject to subject because my brain just moves too fast for my mouth to keep up!  My fast moving brain sometimes gets me in trouble  in a varitey of ways.  One them being that I get busy doing so many things at once that I may misplace a thing or two or forget what I was doing in the first place!

Today was one of those days.  At least I thought it was!

I went to go pick up mail for a friend who is out of town.  I got to their house and I went to grab the keys that I have been keeping in the cup holder of my car.  Unfortunately, the cup holder was empty!  After searching in my purse, the door of the house, the driveway, under the seats, in the seats, and in my pockets I went back home and proceeded search my coat pocketsand empty my purse out on the counter.  My coat pockets sadly had no keys.  They did have business cards and dog treats in them!  I then emptied out the van.  I pulled out the car mats and moved the chairs.  The keys were no where to be found, but I did find a spa gift certificate that was in the door of the van long forgotten!  I traced my steps through the house and tore apart every inch of the main floor!  I emptied out all of the shoes in the closest thinking that maybe the keys were in my coat pocket and fell out into a shoe in the closest!  Nothing!

By this time I was frantic!  I was going to have to tell my friend that I lost the keys and I would have to call a locksmith to change all of the locks!  I was pretty certain I would never be trusted with that job again!

My next steps were to go back to each place I had gone since the last time I had used the keys.  Thankfully I had only gone to the library with the kids.  Maybe the keys had gotten swept up in the pile of books that I put in the return book slot!  No such luck!

By the time the kids came home from school I was desparate and felt that my only hope and last option in finding the keys was to have the kids help me and I would award the finder with cash!  Before I went that far, I asked each child if they had seen Mommy's keys.  Tyce told me they were behind him!  My heart lept to my throat!  Finally, I had found them!  No they weren't - he just thinks he is funny.  A hadn't seen them.  As soon as Lola and Jackson got off the bus I asked them the same question.  Lola smiled a coy little smile and reached into her coat pocket producing the keys.

She had taken the keys from the car the day before when we had gotten home from the library and put them in her pocket to bring to school!  She proudly told me that she thought the keys were really cool so she wanted to bring them to school to show her teacher.  I was so happy that I had found the keys that I thanked her for giving them to me and put them in a child-proof spot!

Later came the talk about not bringing Mommy's things to school without asking, but for that moment I was so relieved that I could hardly speak!  Thank goodness she hadn't brought my car keys or my wallet!

It was technically my fault for not anticipating that a child may find the keys worthy of coolness, (the were just two keys and not even on a fancy key ring - didn't look all too cool to me, but what do I know?) but it really wasn't my fault because I didn't lose them!  My brain wasn't moving so quickly that I had to try to catch up!   My child was just trying to make me think I had lost my mind!  Gotta love those kids!  They keep me on my toes!!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

It Works! Wednesday - Detox

So what is detox all about?

The body undergoes a lot of wear and tear both inside and outside so it is important to ensure that the body is taken care of in order to compensate for this. Just like a car engine which needs to be serviced and have its oil removed and changed, the body also has to be detoxified in order for it to function properly and to promote general health and well being. During the course of an individual's life they ingest a variety of foods; some of which are healthy and some of which are not so healthy. The fact is that not all of this food is successfully absorbed by the body as nutrients and not all of it is discharged out of the body as waste products, there are always remnants and these remnants become toxins that are left in the bowel and colon of the body. Over a long period of time, this can have some adverse effects on the body if these toxins are not removed.

Detoxifying the body becomes even more important if you indulge in things such as cigarettes, junk food and alcoholic beverages. These things make it even more difficult for the natural detoxifying mechanism of the body to work and it makes it even more important for you to take steps to rid yourself of the toxins that are being accumulated in your body.

A lot of the foods which most people eat on a daily basis have a very high acidic content which can have a negative effect on the body if this acidity is allowed to accumulate in the body without being removed at some point. It is necessary for the body's alkaline PH balance to be restored in order to aid the renewal and repair of cells and to promote general well being and a short detox program can do this for you. It is not only important to detoxify the body, it is necessary to do so as regularly as possible in order to maximize the benefits that are obtained from doing so.

Furthermore, purifying and keeping your body clean through detoxification is the best way to avoid colon diseases, as well as maintaining a healthy bloodstream and heart. The important thing to remember about toxins is the fact that they are absorbed into the bloodstream and carried to other parts of the body and can lead to a variety of health issues because the body's immunity against disease is weakened by the presence of toxins and waste. So a detox program is highly essential in order to aid the body's ability to fight off disease.

Besides the fact that detoxifying your body can help you avoid health problems, there are also a variety of benefits that it can have on your body. It has been advocated by medical specialists that detoxifying your body will improve your levels of physical fitness and promote youthfulness. Participating in a regular detox program will also improve the appearance of your skin and give you more energy and vitality. 

If you want to detox quickly, easily, inexpensively, without going through flu systems, and with seeing more benefits to the outside of your body, you have found the answer here

Our most popular way for people to detox is through the Ultimate Body Applicator!  It looks simple and it is!  Go to this link to learn more about what it does and how it works!

Here are some amazing before and after pictures to give you an idea of what our detox looks like!

Over 300 people have taken the Ultimate Makeover Challenge with an average loss of 29 pounds in 2 months!
Look at the difference in the stretch marks!!

Dumping DK

I love the school my children are in.  I love that I walk into the building and staff know who I am and which children belong to me.  I love that I can send out emails at night and the teachers respond with unbelievable speed!  I love that they are concerned about my entire child and not just his or her academics.  I love that the parking lot is so full during holidays, open houses, and conferences that I have to park across the street.  I love that each time I walk into the school I see other parents volunteering in the rooms.  So basically I love their school!

Something I don't love at all is the fact that they are dumping developmental kindergarten aka DK aka young 5's aka  pre-K.  I understand why they are doing it.  The State of Michigan is changing their funding and if the schools don't offer full day all day kindergarten they will lose a lot of money.  I understand that the thought is that with having all day every day kindergarten children will get the extra time they need to be prepared for first grade.  It makes sense that they wouldn't have space or funding to provide more classes for DK.

This all makes perfect sense on paper, but when you look at the children that logic doesn't ring true.  We'll use my children as examples!

Lola is currently in DK.  She is reading and doing a fantastic job!  She will be going into kindergarten next year.  I can't imagine her going into kindergarten last fall without having the skills she has now-  she was not ready!  She will be 6 in October and I think she is ready for every day all day.

Tyce is in preschool right now.  He is not reading.  I would say he is where a 4 year old should be in his knowledge base and attention span.  Our plan would have been to send him to DK next year so he could have the skills that the other children will have when entering kindergarten.  He will be 5 in October and although he doesn't nap any longer, I think he will have a hard time especially at the beginning of the year making it all day every day in school like his sister.

I can not imagine them being in the same class!  Their skills and maturity levels are clearly at least a year apart from one another!  Does this mean if we were to continue Tyce in our district that he would do kindergarten the first time as a tag-along who can't keep up and causes problems because he is too young to do what the other kids are doing?  Then the second year in kindergarten he would actually learn?  Would his self esteem and school experience already be tainted by that time?  How will the school accommodate these differences? 

Of course we won't let that happen to our son so we will have to look for a program for him elsewhere.  It will be a bit of a pain, but we will make it work.  It is just too bad that the schools have to look first and foremost at the dollar sign before they look at the children.  (I blame the state for this more then the school - just to be clear)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sleepy Sleepy Time...

When I was young there was nothing more exciting then going to a sleep over!  Of course sleeping on the ground wasn't too appealing, but the junk food, movies, and talking all night long made up for any discomfort in the night!

Unfortunately, for me, there was always a price to pay for all of that fun!  I was notorious for staying up all night and then getting sick within a few days of the sleep over if I didn't catch up on that rest as soon as possible! 

In college I could stay up until 4am just chatting or studying away.  I know I was tired the next day and fell asleep with a book in my lap on occasion, but I don't remember my health being in jeopardy.  I lived that way for at least three years in a row!  When the kids were babies we were constantly getting up every 3 - 4 hours!  When Tyce was first born we had one child getting up every 30 minutes and the other getting up every three hours!  Somehow I made it through those nights and was able to function the next days even with the kids refusing to nap.

Somehow I think I am reverting back to before I hit my teens.  If a child gets up once in the middle of the night I can barely roll out of bed in the morning!  I have a hard time getting my energy level flowing all day!  If I pretend I am in my teens or twenties and stay up past the witching hour I have to catch up on sleep the next day or my family must face the walking dead all day! 

Was I able to function on such little sleep in the past just because I was used to not getting enough sleep?  Does your body get used to functioning in less then perfect conditions?  Now that I am semi-boring and get more sleep does that make me less able to handle times when I don't get a lot of sleep?  Whatever the reason I'm not all that fond of it!  It makes me feel old not being able to recover more quickly!  I think I may have to put an end to it and begin to stay out later to build up my tolerance!  Anyone want to join me?

Friday, March 2, 2012

Spring is Coming! Spring is Coming! - Because I said so!!!

This morning Tyce got up around 6:30 asking if it was Easter!  It's my fault.  I am done with winter.  Granted, we haven't had your typical Michigan winter this year and I don't think the temps ever hit in the negatives, so I shouldn't complain too much, but I'm tired of the gloomy skies and the bare trees!  That is why yesterday the kids and I got out all of our Easter and Spring decorations.  It's time to add some color around here!!!

Of course a week ago we had a snow day with enough snow to build a ginormous snowman and just because the snow has melted does not mean that it won't come back, but I am ready for the sun to come calling again!  Even if it means that I will have to pick up plastic eggs for the next few months never knowing what may be inside them, it is worth it!  (yesterday it was dog food - no wonder the dog was crazy about the eggs!)

Here are some photos and video to give you an idea of the snow we got last week!
It takes a neighborhood and some smart thinking to make a snowman this big!
He was so tall we couldn't reach the top!
Jackson and the giant snowman!!

Ryan and Jackson with the snowman they made

If at first you don't succeed... get Mom to put down the camera and use her height and strength to help!!