Public Service Announcements - Are they Serious????

I was watching a program with Jackson tonight and I had to go on-line just to be sure I really saw what I thought I saw.

We were watching CBS and a PSA (public service announcement) came on for CBS Cares.  When I saw that it was a PSA I expected something like "Stay in School", "Have a Designated Driver", or "Save the Children".  You can still see PSAs from CBS Cares like these, but lately they have gotten a bit more edgy and some topics I would rather not have to explain to my child next to me..

Last night I saw that they have a Colonoscopy PSA accompanied by a Colonoscopy Sweepstakes!  I was floored!  Really??  People are going to sign up to get a free colonoscopy?  Good for them!  Although I love to enter and win things and Jackson right away said we should enter, I think for the time being I will pass... (after I explained to Jackson what it was and he got a horrified look on his face I accepted that as a clue that he would like to pass as well)

I remember last year seeing this PSA about what to give the woman you love for Christmas - "You look great, but it is what is inside that counts"  Oh my!!  If my husband got that for me for Christmas I would enter him into the colonoscopy sweepstakes!  No thank you!  How about this one about what to give your loved one for Valentines Day - your family jewels?  Really???  I liked this one about prostate exams too!  Apparently, if you have a loved one you need to put them through many tests and uncomfortable exams, but they will love you all the more for it!

If you want to see more PSAs from CBS Cares you can go to:  I know I was entertained!!!  WOW!!


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