Out of Proportion! no question about it!!!

Surf Style in Clearwater, FL - huge store!!
While in Clearwater Florida, we stopped in a beach side store, Surf Style.  It was filled with the typical beach fare like towels, souvenirs, and clothing.  There were two things that I found rather unique about this store and one of those things was a bit of a shocker to me!

Who said you can't surf at Clearwater beach?  Now, no matter what the weather, your age, or experience, you can learn to surf and enjoy hanging ten.  (I sound like an advertisement!) The FlowRider® is a self-contained, sheet wave pool that mimics the appearance and action of big surf. Beginners start out using skimboards and with a little practice can advance to chasing the thrill of aerial maneuvers and kickflips.  We witnessed instructors riding skimboards with pupils on the waves.  It looked like a ton of fun!  Next time we have the kids with us in Clearwater this will have to be a stop for all of us!
The second unique thing I saw in the store had to do with how they displayed clothing items.  Mannequins are always shaped well beyond what the normal female body is.  I don't know of any woman whose body is the same proportion as what a typical mannequin's is in the department store.  The mannequins in this store, however, take it to an entirely new level!
You can't be serious!!!

Seriously?  Who has a body like this?  And if you did you wouldn't be able to wear the suits they were displaying!  (I guess that is unless you had some major plastic surgery done!)  Honestly!  Who are these mannequins for?  Will they get men to buy their women bathing suits quicker?  Are they just there for the men to have something interesting to look at while the women shop?  I really can't come up with any good reason for them to be there for women.  They just made me feel a bit inadequate and forced me to skip the ice cream break Ry took after shopping - so maybe that is a good thing....
Ry's ice cream break


  1. More support would definitely be required than those suits will provide.


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