The New Night Out

Let's face it.
Having children is expensive.
They are worth every penny, but they are costly.  I know that it is important to spend time with your spouse away from the kids, but when the babysitter costs you more then it does for you to actually have dinner together it can be a little hard to justify that time!

Good News!  I have found a solution!
You just need super fun cool neighbors and a little modern technology!

This is my idea:  put the kids to bed and then go into the garage.  It doesn't matter if your garage is all cement and filled with dirty snow banks from your tires like mine.  It doesn't have to be fancy by any stretch of the imagination.  You only need an area that is away from the children that makes you feel like you somewhat left your house where you can laugh loudly and not worry about waking someone up!   Just set up some lawn chairs in the garage and if you live in a cold climate put them around a heater and then invite the neighbors to come over! 

If your neighbors have children, here is where the modern technology parts comes in!  It is so much better then bringing a baby monitor over!  Most people now a days have ipads.  If there are two ipads just have one person call the other one and do "face time".  (you can also use iphones or a combination of the two) You can set up one ipad in a hallway or room or wherever you want to where you can see the children and hear them and then keep the other ipad with you.  Of course remember to turn off the sound on the ipad that is "keeping an eye" on the children.

Using the ipads this way is like having your own security system!  Of course you should still lock your doors and go over to check on the children.  Also, I am not suggesting you go out to a restaurant and use the ipad as your babysitter, but if you are outside your house, at the neighbor's bonfire, on their deck, or playing on the swings in the backyard while your baby naps and are within a reasonable distance, it could be a great alternative to having to stay inside!  Just please use common sense!

Now if I could decorate my garage and turn it into something like a "man cave" we would be all set!


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